#859: 2023.09.24 [steve roden]

this special edition is our second week in tribute to steve roden, who passed away on september 6th at the age of 59. we are listening to a selection of his works spanning a period between 1993 and 2020, both under his own name and as in be tween noise, including the track he contributed to our very first release on framework editions in 2009, the 4-disc compilation framework250. we began the show with a special framework introduction recorded in his memory by steve peters. links to the releases online, wherever possible, are included in the tracklist below. the image we are using was gleaned from steve’s website. we highly recommend, if you are unfamiliar with steve’s work, that you explore it – here are a few links you could a start with, including one to the piece written by lawrence english from which we read in the show:


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#858: 2023.09.17 [steve roden]

steve roden passed away on september 6th, 2023. we are dedicating two shows to him: this first one, a repeat of the edition of framework:afield he produced for us back in 2008, and a second one next week which is a mix of our own favorite steve roden / in be tween noise works. here are a few words i wrote last week about his passing:

a few days ago, we lost another artist who has been incredibly important to framework radio, and to my personal development as an artist, for years, or rather decades. steve roden was a gentle, open, kind, incredible composer and visual artist with a spectacular ear for detail, texture and structure. his early work as in be tween noise was one of my first discoveries in the world of experimental music as a young hopeful in the 90’s, and his subsequent development of and into the lowercase sound movement under his own name never failed to impress. i never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, despite many failed attempts on the rare occasions when we found ourselves in the same city, but our correspondence over more than 15 years was always encouraging, warming and thought-provoking. steve’s work made regular appearances in the show (the first in one of our earliest editions), he contributed a beautiful program to the first round of our framework:afield series of guest-produced programs, and he graciously contributed a new track to our very first release on framework editions, 2009’s framework250 compilation. steve passed away far too early, at the age of 59. we are heartbroken that we never got to shake his hand.

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#857: 2023.09.10

this show, edition #857, our first show back after our summer break, showcases the tracks from our latest edition of framework:seasonal, issue #14, summer 2023. new exclusive works by yen-ting hsu, steve peters, pablo diserens, and nula.cc were accompanied by recent listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps and a framework introduction recorded in mexico by barry cullen. if you like what you hear, please check out the release on our bandcamp page:


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framework:seasonal ::: issue #14, now available!

we continue our full schedule of new issues of framework:seasonal with #14, summer 2023 featuring new works by: yen-ting hsu (taiwan), steve peters (usa), pablo diserens (france/germany), and nula.cc (usa/czech republic). framework:seasonal is our series of fund-raising compilation releases, and #14 is another superb collection of previously unreleased works by artists working in the field…

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#856: 2023.07.30

here we are, folks – our last edition before our annual summer break; and with this one comes an announcement, as we release our third issue of framework:seasonal for 2023! we vowed to release 4 issues this year, a goal we have never before achieved, and so far we’re on target. issue #14, summer 2023 includes new and exclusive works from yen-ting hsu, steve peters, pablo diserens, & nula.cc. we will listen to all of the contributions in the first few shows after the break, but in the meantime you can hear them all on our bandcamp page, and if you like them (and you will) you can buy a copy and show your support for framework radio:


meanwhile, we finish off the summer season with a great collection of sounds, including several one-off unreleased works (the likes of which often fall through the cracks, as our playlists tend to be a bit album-centric). we love all the releases in this busy mix, a nice way to round off the summer, so go check out these releases, in and out of this framework mix.

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#855: 2023.07.23 [post doom romance]

this edition has been produced in finland by post doom romance. for more of their work see www.postdoomromance.com. producer’s notes:

framework presents post doom romance “fragments/archipelago” a 60 minute collage of field recordings from the Finnish archipelago. These recordings were made at the AARK Archipelago Art Residency in Korpo Finland as part of a larger project titled “glimmers on the archipelago” to be released in early 2024 in book/audio form.

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#854: 2023.07.16

i’m going to keep this verty short, as, full disclosure, i’m 2 hours away from pushing bags and children out the door to begin a two week family journey to the united states. shows for the next few weeks are done in advance, and i’ll be sweltering in the new england sun (or drowning in the new england rain). this show, we think, sounds great, we hope you enjoy it too.

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#853: 2023.07.09 [manja ristić]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in croatia by regular contributor manja ristić. for more information on her work see https://manjaristic.blogspot.com/. producer’s notes:

I am always very inspired and happy to contribute to Framework afield. This time, I decided to offer a slightly unusual episode! The mix of conceptual, ambient, improv, and field recording works by some of the most incredible musical minds out there, a kind of alchemical soup in which I am searching for music within music.

This time I came up with a little experiment: juxtaposing a sound piece, “Kuda plovi ovaj brod? Where is this ship sailing”, with the magnificent works of others, by building an emotional palimpsest of moments and places in which all sound works were made, but most of all, by building a mutual content from the psychological material embedded in chosen works. It is a “soundtrack” for a sound piece, made around a very important topic – marine noise pollution and its effects on living systems in the South Adriatic’s littoral belt.

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#852: 2023.07.02

the summer is busying up – back at framework HQ now for a two week window between travels, unsure if i’m going to find the time to get a summer issue of framework:seasonal out into the world, but there’s still a chance. meanwhile, some releases i’ve really been looking forward to getting into the show, loren chasse, standard grey, bethan kellough, kate carr, old friends ben owen and alan courtis working together, it’s a smorgasbord of great sounds! we’re taking a few weeks off from our usual aporee maps segment, just to try to squeeze in a new more things from the waiting list before our summer break, but it will be back in the autumn, fear not. meanwhile, we’ve got two more regular editions (and two more afields) before our august hiatus, so plenty more sounds to come.

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#851: 2023.06.25 [thelmo cristovam]

this edition is the first of a series of four entitled ‘amazonia revisited’, airing over the second half of 2023 as part of our framework:afield programming. this episode has been produced in brazil by thelmo cristovam and is entitled ‘day-night’. for more information see https://amazoniarevisited.com. producer’s notes:

These radio programs emerged as the fruit of the creative residency that brought together four sound artists – Thelmo Cristovam (BR), EdBrass (BR), Rodrigo Ramos (BR) and Dave Phillips (Switzerland), from the sound material captured in 2006 by Thelmo Cristovam and in 2011 by Dave Phillips, both in the Amazon rainforest. The sound records of 2006, digitized and restored in the first phase of this project by Thelmo Cristovam, now resurface revisited and reimagined in the creation of the pieces in this series.

Program 1: Day & Night – by Thelmo Cristovam
Two parts, day and night, based on Thelmo’s field recordings without manipulation, using only minimal layers and editing. the first part, day, is composed exclusively of daytime recordings, in the second part, the same thing, with nighttime recordings. Additional daytime and nighttime recordings from Dave Phillips’ sources were selected in collaboration.

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#850! 2023.06.18

yet another landmark (earmark? soundmark?): edition #850! in the old days every jubilee show came with it’s own celebrations, releases, special editions, etc, but they come around so quickly now, and without warning, that we just can’t keep up. so no big fanfare for this one, just a few extra exclamation marks, and the vague hope that you appreciate 850 hours of framework radio and hope, as we do, for 850 more.

so on to the show! lo-fi phone-recorded sounds this week from the duo of russ waterhouse and mary staubitz; the latest release from perennial framework favorite manja ristić; the discovery of one-we-missed from 2020 by jack patterson (more coming soon from the big pile of ferns releases we recently picked up); the first sirr-ecords release on the show since 2007?? (is that possible??) featuring plant-themed new works by steve peters, marco scarassatti ans slavek kwi; an unreleased well full of frogs sent to us by madga lampropoulou; and an intro recorded in west virginia by northern irish artist and regular contributor barry cullen.

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#849: 2023.06.11 [mark vernon]

Magneto Mori: Brussels is a process-based sound work that investigates the collective memory of Brussels residents, intertwining them with the environmental sounds of the city to weave new and unexpected narratives. It is an exploration of tape recording as a form of memory storage – and the deliberate distressing, eroding and deterioration of present day sounds to disrupt their chronology; historicising the present and fast-forwarding the effects of time. Contrasting and combining these sounds with higher fidelity recordings draws attention to the different substrata of time that are an intrinsic (though largely unacknowledged) part of any non-realtime sound production.

The intention here was to create a ‘memory tape’ that acts as an audio portrait of the city and its inhabitants. This involved asking people to recall their earliest or most vivid memories and recording them direct to open reel tape. On the other side of the tape everyday sounds of the city were captured.

Through a series of processes that mirror the complexity and frailty of human memory this ‘memory tape’ was then fragmented, muddled, corroded, partially erased with magnets, buried in the ground for 10 days and finally excavated and reconstituted. During this process sounds and memories are literally erased and the remains are spliced back together in a random sequence. The end result is a cut-up collage of fragmented voices and distorted field recordings. In some instances I chose to ‘re-construct’ parts of the missing memories using copies made of the original recordings.

In counterpoint, a semi-autobiographical text by Elodie A. Roy reflecting on her parents memories of Brussels is interspersed throughout the piece appearing as a series of answerphone messages.

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#848: 2023.06.04

four great new releases this week (one a re-release) from some longtime favorites, one of whom is appearing in the show for the first time. before i relocated to france as a young man, way back in 1996, long before the internet (well, other than album-trading usenet groups), i wrote a letter, yes, on paper, to eric la casa, half of one of my favorite projects at the time, syllyk, asking for advice on finding underground experimental music upon my arrival in paris. this was of course long before framework, long before murmer even, and who’d’ve thunk that here, 28 years later, i’d be playing his new solo release on my radio show to thousands of listeners from framework HQ in estonia. and it is, if i may say so, stunning. constructed entirely from contact mic recordings of movable barriers in public space (heras fencing, contruction barriers, safety gates, etc), it sings with wind and human activated voices from the parc de la villette in paris.

meanwhile, angélica castelló has somehow (we’re not sure how that happened) never been on the show before, but her new release on one of our favorite labels, gruenrekorder (and that’s not just because they released a murmer lp in 2016, ahem), corrects that. the tracks are short, so we selected 8 of them, dense collages of fragments from multiple sources, gathered together as a study of the finite. france jobin leans the other way, with a meditation on string theory in sound, in a re-release of her 2008 work of the same name, remastered and including some new tracks. and drøne (is it pronounced ‘dreun’? we’re not sure.) return for a second time to the show with a shimmering chorus of almost orchestral collage of sounds and fragments of dialogue.

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