#828: 2023.01.15

happy new year! we’re back and we’re excited to have a giant pile of sounds to start digging through to start off 2023, including three new names to our playlists this week alone – jenny berger myhre, david rothenberg, and marta zapparoli. we intend to experiment a bit with our format this year, starting off with the inclusion of some actual songs in this edition, because why not? we also want to continue featuring new names, ideally in every show, so if you know some sounds you think we should hear, please let us know! and on top of all that, we have ambitious plans to breath new life into the framework:seasonal series this year, with four new issues planned, beginning with one coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! thanks for staying with us for another year, 2022 sounded good, let’s make 2023 sound even better!

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#827: 2022.12.18

well, this is it folks, the end of another year of framework broadcasting. we’ll be starting our annual winter break now, a few weeks off to shovel snow and clean out our ears. but fear not, we’ll be back for another year of sound starting with edition #828 on sunday, january 15th. in the meantime, you have this slightly dark and brooding edition (we didn’t do it on purpose, it just happened that way) to peruse, and then our copious archives to tide you over until we get back.

you could also go on over to our patreon page and wish us happy holidays in a more concrete way: by signing up to be a framework patron! we gave it a little push on the old social medias recently and generated a lot of hearts and thumbs, but very few actual commitments (thanks mom!) – isn’t that always the way? framework is almost, or at least could or should be, a full-time job, and we (and i think you all know that we is really just i) absolutely can not afford to do it without financial support. this project is 100% funded by listener support – no advertising, no broadcast stipends, no station payments, just listeners like you who think this radio show makes the world a better place. do you agree with them? if so, and if you can afford to do so (you can commit as little as 1€/$/£ per month) please consider helping us to continue our labor of love!

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#825: 2022.12.04

a sparser mix this week, at least relatively. 15 individual pieces in the show – as opposed to over 20 in our last several regular editions – coming to us from canada, the united states, the united kingdom, belgium, croatia, france and rwanda. winter is settling in here, so perhaps the mixes are becoming more wintry. we’ve got sounds of demolition, aeolian harps, water, wind, frogs and plenty more.

a few more shows coming to you before our annual winter break. one more framework:afield next week (#826), and a final regular edition in two weeks time (#827) before we hunker down for a little hibernation. we’ll come back to you with edition #828, premiering on january 15th (not january 9th, as i mistakenly said in the show), and soon after that we hope to be able to announce the first issue of framework:seasonal, our fund-raising compilation series, since #11 in the spring of 2020. stay tuned for more info about that!

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#823: 2022.11.20

i’ll tell you a secret: sometimes these shows make themselves. i feel like i’m cheating taking any credit for them – the works i somewhat randomly select to use in an edition sometimes slot themselves together so gloriously and holistically that i feel like i’m in the audience myself. this is one of those weeks – amazing antarctic sounds by cheryl e. leonard, environmental recordings and malfunctioning mixers by keith de mendonca & howard dodd, the spectacular sounds of ukrainian and argentinian steppes reworked by anla courtis & edward sol, the long-distance concrete collaborations between porya hatami in iran & monologue (marie rose) in france, the rubbish sounds of rubbish music (kate carr & iain chambers) from the uk, aporee map sounds from germany, vanuatu, ghana, and bhutan, and a framework introduction recorded for us on the beach in hong kong. hope you enjoy this whirlpool as much as i do.

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#821: 2022.11.06

it feels like it’s been a long time since we had such a long playlist – 21 individual tracks by 9 different artists in 7 different countries. several new names, as we have the pleasure of airing the work of both méryll ampe and david brown for the first time this week, along with the return of recent favorites alëna korolëva and pierrot desperes. and our aporee soundmaps segment brings us 3 new names this week (steve bates, rachid sadaoui, and alison fure) along with steadfast regular ian-john hutchinson. all this began with a framework introduction recorded for us in bergen, norway by uk sound artist paul mallatratt.

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#819: 2022.10.23

first off, apologies to shumaila hemani for mispronouncing her name in this week’s show. a good excuse to play her work again and get it right. her acousmatic compositions feature field recordings from pakistan, sufi poetry, spoken word, traditional instruments, and song. they meet across the world with doug haire’s location compositions from the pacific northwest, vanessa massera’s electroacoustic compositions from canada, and siavash amini’s poetry-inspired works from iran. sounds from the aporee maps (from germany, the uk, denmark and the united states) and a framework intro by rob johanssen also from the states cap off this week’s somehow narrative edition.

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#817: 2022.10.09

several new names to framework this week: the collaboration between sarah ruth and monte espina comprises a series of site-specific open-air environmental improvisations; richard scott’s compositions for field recordings and synthesizers are coincidentally released on arbirary records framework series; marc arsenault’s self-proclaimed “field recordings pop record” features a heavy presence of electro-magnetic interference and inexplicable sounds. meanwhile ingrid plum returns to our airwaves with her vocal experiments intertwined with field recordings, electronics, and a piano interior, drawing on the archive of sound poet lily greenham. andy park starts us off with a framework introduction recorded in cuckmere haven, sussex in the uk, with our introductory text spoken by his daughter wren. and we return as is our wont to the aporee maps for a selection of recent listener chosen favorites, this week from turkey, canada, denmark and the united states.

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#815: 2022.09.25

getting into the autumn flow now, with our second regular edition back since our summer break. we’ve had this mola self-release waiting for airplay for far too long – it’s from 2019. but better late than never!
and we consistently love what comes out of the helen scarsdale agency, and not just because they release our own murmer sounds – our old boston buddies howard stelzer and brendan murray have put together another beautiful slab of tonal residue here. we also have new releases on both the mappa and forms of minutiae labels, both relatively young publishes who have have so far impressed us greatly with the scope of consistent quality of their releases. here we’re exploring works on those labels by alexandra spence and diane barbé, respectively. with these releases we have our latest batch of listener chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps, and a bouncy framework introduction recorded on a trampoline in ireland by regular contributor william denton, voiced by the jumpers.

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#813: 2022.09.11

well folks, we’re back! it’s amazing how much of a process you can forget in a month, but we’re limping our way through getting everything together for this show release, and we’re sure we’ll be back to bicycle-riding level (never forget?) within a week or so. our month off was refreshing and relaxing; we mostly spent it building shelves for the framework library and reminiscing about the days when making a radio show meant presents in the (snail)mail box almost everyday. the silver lining to the internet era is that we won’t have to build any more shelves, but we do still sometimes miss all though round (and occasionally square) objects.

we didn’t do much travel during our time off, but we’re traveling in this edition – japan, the uk, germany, india, taiwan, the united states, ghana, to name a few (ok, all) of our destinations this week. our first stop (after our intro from japan) brings back memories – it’s a posthumous collection of recordings made by our good friend ian rawes, who passed away late last year, from his london sound survey project, just released as a cd and download by persistence of sound. we are also listening to self-released works by a couple of collaborative projects: mykel boyd & seah space (as post doom romance), and yen-ting hsu & yannick dauby, with a 2nd collection of field recordings from taiwan. round this off with the latest release by budhaditya chattopadhyay and a selection of recent listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps, and you’ve gone around the world in 59 minutes.

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#811: 2022.07.24

we’ve got one more show coming up next week, our last framework:afield of the summer, and then we’ll be taking our annual summer break, to recharge our ears and build some bookshelves. we hope you won’t forget us, and in the meantime there are hundreds of shows available in our archive to tide you over until we’re back in early september.

at the moment we’re traveling, as this summer has seen framework come out from under it’s global pandemic rock and get back on the road. we’ve been in germany, the uk, and now the u.s., where we’re sweltering in temperatures we haven’t experienced in a long time (we’ll take -30C in the winter over +30C in the summer any day!).

so for this roadtrip we’re listening to sounds recorded or composed here in the states, as well as in russia, spain, greece, iran, germany, georgia, france and croatia (probably more). we’ve got new names for our playlists as well as old favorites, and our usual segment of listener chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps. we hope you’ll enjoy the sounds, and maybe consider going on over to our patreon page an helping us make a little progress as we enter our summer break. we can’t do this without listener support, so support us if you can!

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#809: 2022.07.10

it’s always nice to be able to combine artists new to out ears with artists who helped shape our ears in the first place. it was almost 25 years ago when we first heard illusion of safety on the radio (it was their 1994 release, water seeks its own level, played on no commercial potential on boston’s wzbc) – that was when there were no online archives or published playlists and you just had to hope that the dj would tell you what you heard so you could scribble down the name, or your best approximation of what you thought they said, and head down to your favorite record store (or photocopied mailorder catalog) and see if you could find it. luckily, i did find it, and now, decades later, maybe someone else will hear IOS for the first time on this show, and the cycle will continue.

an array of new and familiar names – ana maría romano g., nula.cc, overdriven dreams, nikki sheth and alexander langedyk – accompanied IOS on this journey, along with our latest selection of listener chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps, and a framework introduction recorded for us in northern ireland by regular contributor barry cullen.

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#807: 2022.06.26

we’re late, late, late, which doesn’t happen very often these days, because it’s usually (and currently is) travels that cause me to be late with the playlist, and there hasn’t been much of that happening since the world ended over 2 years ago. but i’m back on the road this summer, and writing this to you from london, framework’s original home.

a dense mix this week (isn’t it always?) that will keep this short and let you get to – two alexandras, an elijah and a bruno mingling with our usual aporee soundmaps selections and an intro by a william. enjoy! next week’s edition of framework:afield, produced in the united states by a john, should appear right on time from the safety of framework HQ back in sweltering estonia.

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#805: 2022.06.12

we’re celebrating our 20th birthday (we can buy a gun now in america, but we can’t have a beer yet) with some wonderful new sounds from shiny spinning discs by the great auf abwegen label – we met up with label boss till kniola in leverkusen, germany this past week for the first time in 19(!) years. we also saw stefan knappe there (drone records) for the first time in 18 years, and frans de waard (kormplastics) for the first time in 15 years. if i’m doing the math correctly that makes us 72 years old, which is hard to believe. good thing there weren’t too many stairs to get into the venue.

anyway, yes, the shiny discs are by asmus tietchens (17 years) and reynols (19 years), and they’re really good. i’ve never met any of the rest of this week’s featured artists in person, so we can stop counting now, but the sounds here by kaisa lindgren, hiroko komiya & chris h. lynn, and una lee and suelynee ho each with peter wullen, are all highly appreciated. we also heard recent listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps, and an intro recorded in canada by james bailey.

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