#807: 2022.06.26

we’re late, late, late, which doesn’t happen very often these days, because it’s usually (and currently is) travels that cause me to be late with the playlist, and there hasn’t been much of that happening since the world ended over 2 years ago. but i’m back on the road this summer, and writing this to you from london, framework’s original home.

a dense mix this week (isn’t it always?) that will keep this short and let you get to – two alexandras, an elijah and a bruno mingling with our usual aporee soundmaps selections and an intro by a william. enjoy! next week’s edition of framework:afield, produced in the united states by a john, should appear right on time from the safety of framework HQ back in sweltering estonia.

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#805: 2022.06.12

we’re celebrating our 20th birthday (we can buy a gun now in america, but we can’t have a beer yet) with some wonderful new sounds from shiny spinning discs by the great auf abwegen label – we met up with label boss till kniola in leverkusen, germany this past week for the first time in 19(!) years. we also saw stefan knappe there (drone records) for the first time in 18 years, and frans de waard (kormplastics) for the first time in 15 years. if i’m doing the math correctly that makes us 72 years old, which is hard to believe. good thing there weren’t too many stairs to get into the venue.

anyway, yes, the shiny discs are by asmus tietchens (17 years) and reynols (19 years), and they’re really good. i’ve never met any of the rest of this week’s featured artists in person, so we can stop counting now, but the sounds here by kaisa lindgren, hiroko komiya & chris h. lynn, and una lee and suelynee ho each with peter wullen, are all highly appreciated. we also heard recent listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps, and an intro recorded in canada by james bailey.

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#803: 2022.05.29

i like this week’s geographic list: sounds from norway, france, england, the united states, argentina, finland, spain, antarctica, and ghana. all that, plus a perimeter – perhaps we’ll plot that journey while you’re listening.

we’ve made this call a few times on the air in the last few weeks, but we’ll make it here too: we want your intros, folks! recording a framework introduction is easy, and we need a new one for every regular edition of the show. just take a recorder somewhere, record, and talk. that’s all there is to it! especially if you’ve never been on the show before, or you’re in a place that’s never been in an intro before (how about you, samuel kudjodzi, whose ghana recordings from the aporee maps have been on the show a few times?), we want your voice! see the recording guidelines here, and get on out there!

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#801: 2022.05.15

the first regular edition of our new century of programs – yes, this is the 801st edition of framework radio, airing one month before our 20th birthday. have you got us a present yet?

we began celebrating by listening to several favorite new releases, two on labels i’ve had the great pleasure of releasing work on myself, gruenrekorder and the helen scarsdale agency (watch for a new one with helen later this year!) – both markus mehr and jo montgomerie’s releases have some impressive industrial weight to them. annette krebs enters the mix with a studio composition (record for the longest-titled work we’ve ever aired? possibly) that mixes nicely with the ambient sounds from the location where it was recorded. and finally we hear some composed and uncomposed field recordings from mathias guilbaud and the aporee soundmaps, respectively.

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#799: 2022.05.01

the spring lurgy (not that one) has got us here at framework HQ – 3 down and 1 hovering on the edge, so i’m going to keep this short and let you get to the listening. sounds from here in estonia this week, as well as lithuania, spain, the u.s., france – and that’s before we even get to the aporee soundmap contributions, from germany, portugal, and the uk. next week – framework #800! and in just another few weeks, our 20th birthday! hopefully we’ll all be over the lurgy by then.

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#797: 2022.04.17

https://media.blubrry.com/framework/p/archive.org/download/2022.04.17FrameworkRadio/framework797-2022.04.17.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 59:00 — 151.6MB)Subscribe: RSSpatreon campaign progress report:111 patrons (up from 110)55% towards our goal (up from 53%)want to help? http://www.patreon.com/frameworkradio [listen to the voiceover-free edition (patrons only)] spring is springing here – the birch sap is flowing, the snow is almost entirely gone, and birds are returning….

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#795: 2022.04.03

we’ve had colin frank’s 2020 impulsive habitat release waiting to get into a show almost since it was released – not sure why it had to wait so long. the alchemy of playlist construction is sometimes a mysterious thing. but it’s finally here, mingling well, if we do say so ourselves, with natasha barrett, matilde meireles and leo okagawa’s (told you, daniel!) more recent releases. there’s a slow springtime melancholy to this show that somehow seems an accurate representation of our current mood, and perhaps the global mood, in these strange times.  but we’re happy the snow is melting (it’s probably long gone where you are, if it was ever there to begin with) and ready for april showers.

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#793: 2022.03.20

a late winter show of somewhat melancholy sounds – maybe it’s the dripping outside, maybe it’s the state of world affairs, maybe i just didn’t get enough sleep, or maybe it’s just the sounds that happened to find their way into the mix. whatever the reason, it’s seems appropriate for a late march morning. dragon’s eye’s touch compilation is curated by tomoko hojo, and asks each artist to address the issues of isolation and subsistence. richard bentley sifts through his archives and puts together a meditative release of water, weather and electrical charge. hessel veldman constructs a hypnotic ode to his hometown in the netherlands. leonie roessler (also in the netherlands) weaves a sonic tapestry of sounds from travels through iran and india. the aporee soundmaps, meanwhile, take us to the the u.s., brazil, lithuania, and back to the netherlands (again!). and willem sannen’s intro was recorded there as well! i’m just now noticing the distinctly dutch lean in this edition. alsjeblieft!

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#791: 2022.03.06 [ukraine]

of course we are all horrified by the recent events in ukraine, and there’s not a lot i can say to address this. but being a radio program centered around listening to sounds and spaces, this felt like the only reasonable response. in this edition we are listening to ukraine – works by ukrainian artists, or sounds recorded within ukrainian borders. the releases we are featuring are available for sale on bandcamp, and the proceeds from their sales are being donated to various organisations and charities committed to providing aid and assistance to ukrainians suffering due to this war. please follow these links and buy these works to show your support:


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#789: 2022.02.20

a series of on-air errors (perhaps) this week: we think we possibly worked out last time we played her work that moltamole should be pronounced like mole-the-animal, but having grown up in a boston neighborhood with a strong latin american influence, we consistently pronounce it, without a second thought, like mole-the-glorious-mexican-sauce. so if we’re wrong we’re sorry. we also brazenly announced that capture’s recordings, delivered to us via their locations on the aporee maps, were made in toulouse, whereas, while we think that is where the artist is based, these recordings are very clearly from the mériadeck district of bordeaux. is that all? i’m sure we got something else wrong, but maybe no one noticed. we also heard the first of a few recent submissions from the ever-impressive unfathomless imprint (where we almost made the biggest mistake of all, accusing stéphane marin’s recordings of howler monkeys in the amazon of being south african hippos – luckily we caught that one and fired ourselves before it went to air), two new works from the flaming pines label (a series of realisations of a score by salomé voegelin, and an upcoming release by label boss kate carr), an unreleased work by james bailey, with which the only mistake we made was losing it the first time he sent it to us, a work by a.f. jones which is only being released for radio airplay and remix projects, the latest batch of listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps, and an intro by our most prolific contributor, keith de mendonca, making it inexplicable why we suddenly couldn’t remember (again!) if his name is pronounced men-don-TSA or men-don-KA. i guess it was just one of those weeks.

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#787: 2022.02.06

several IRL, paper and plastic, dropped off by a real live postman submissions in this show, newly arrived, although not entirely newly released; sonic rubbish (tarab’s in house imprint), rekem (a label run by old friend nicolas malevitsis), and sofa (who sent a handful of their releases last year, including that great one we played in edition #729 by vilde&inga) all released shiny discs that we made spin round really fast in this edition, alongside a few great new virtual releases for good measure (one released by the good people at flaming pines, then other self-released by our good friend manja ristić), all, genuinely all, streamable and buyable on bandcamp. also, the return of our aporee soundmaps segment (which we frankly just forgot to include last regular edition) and a framework introduction recorded for us in the united states by paul dickinson.

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#785: 2022.01.23

i love it when i discover that artists whose work i love know one another and are working together, as has happened with my discovery of yen-ting hsu’s collaborative recording documents with yannick dauby – 2 volumes of recordings from chiayi in southern taiwan. we’re exploring vol.1 in this edition, and we’ll come back for vol.2 some time in the coming months.

we’re also listening to some fine minimal textures on a new self-release by willem sannen, a short work on cronica electronica by miguel a. garcia, an unreleased work which can be heard on soundcloud by mathias guilbaud, a gem in the prolific output of canadian label empreintes digitals by roxanne turcotte (is anyone else reminded of totoro’s flute playing at the debut of her track les oiseaux de nias?), an audio portrait of the river in the hometown, the charles, by ana laura malmaceda, and a nice old-time mountain music intro recorded for us in athens, alabama (yes, there’s one there too) by ben link collins.

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#783: 2022.01.09

happy new year! we’ve had a refreshing few weeks off, but we’re back now with a full schedule of new material, guest producers, and plans for 2022. we’re getting off to a running start with our first show back, which began with a healthy dose of skepticism by a perhaps unwilling listener, before moving us through sounds from the uk, france, norway, the us, greece and saudi arabia.

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