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framework500framework500 available now!

asmus tietchens, dallas simpson, eric cordier, felicity ford, jeph jerman, keith berry, keith de mendonca, loren chasse, max šenteļevs, maria balabas, martin clarke, matteo uggeri, peter cusack, scott sherk, eamon sprod, emmanuel mieville, jean-luc guionnet, jez riley-french, jim haynes, joel stern, jonathan coleclough, ben owen, kodama, phill niblock, richard garet, simon whetham, thomas tilly, toy.bizarre

to order, donate 40€ or more via the donate button to the right. we’ll be in touch to confirm your order and address.

track notes and artist details can be found here on the release page.

framework editions is proud to announce its latest release, framework500, produced in celebration of our 500th(!) edition, which premiered on sunday, february 22nd, 2015.

to celebrate this important moment in our history, we are publishing this new 3-disc compilation. we invited the artists who participated in our first release, framework250, to return with a new work. we are proud to present those works here, slow burnt onto the highest quality CDRs, and housed in a beautiful origami sleeve made from locally produced recycled stock from räpina paberivabrik and letterpressed on the historical machines at studio.tartuensis.

what’s more, we have had the amazing opportunity to be present for both the production of our very own paper stock, and its printing, and have thusly been able to include on the release recordings of both of these processes. so you can hold framework500 in your hand while you listen to the sounds of the paper you are touching being made and the words you are reading being printed. many, many thanks to mihkel peedimaa and lemmit kaplinski for making this possible. we are very proud to be able to produce this object with local materials in collaboration with local artisans.

framework500 is available to framework supporters in exchange for a minimum donation of 40€, via the donations bar on the right. framework is a 100% volunteer effort, and we rely on listener support to be able to continue. please support your favorite radio show today!

of course this project would not have been possible without the participation and good will of all the artists. many thanks to them, once again, for making it happen. for artist and track details, click here.

framework editions was launched in 2010 to realise framework’s first fund-raising project, framework250, in honor of our 250th edition, which aired on the 20th of september, 2009. framework250 took form as 2 double-CDR compilations, 40 tracks contributed by 42 artists, over 5 hours of sounds, packaged in handmade silk-screened origami packaging constructed with local materials from here in southeast estonia. framework250 is now sold out.

with the success of framework250, we decided to continue releasing regular showcases of artists working in the field recording community, and began the framework:seasonal series in the autumn of 2011. with this series framework editions releases compilations and occasional single-artist specials, featuring new and established artists whose work will be of interest to our listeners. all works are previously unreleased, and are contributed freely by their creators in support of framework radio. many thanks to the artists, who have made this project possible.

the framework:seasonal compilations are available exclusively to framework donors. to get one, donate 20€ or more via the paypal buttons on the right (or make an equivalent subscription pledge). we’ll get back to you to confirm your mailing address and your choice of issue(s). thank you for your support!

the physical run of framework:seasonal will soon be over. i am almost out of the cardboard sleeves, and, unless there is a great public uproar, i won’t be printing more. i am, however, slowly making all of these releases available as downloads over on our bandcamp page, so have a look here for lower-priced digital versions!

detailed artist and track information is available for each release via the links below.

11issue #11 ::: spring 2020  digital here!

jilliene sellner, sabri meddeb, gaël segalen, mike bullock


10issue #10 ::: autumn 2018  cdr sold out, or digital here!

manja ristić , julie rousse, alan courtis


9issue #9 ::: winter 2017  cdr sold out, digital here!

jonáš gruska, bird & renoult, fintan o’brien


8issue #8 ::: spring 2016  cdr sold out, digital here!

blanca rego, christopher delaurenti, christina kubisch, stephanie spray, darius ciuta, cathy lane, julia handi al abed, martin kay, and more!


7issue #7 ::: winter 2014 cdr sold out, digital here!

grant finlay, jeremy hegge, joe stevens, kate carr, marc namblard, maria papadomanolaki, masayushi imanishi, nichola scrutton, and more!


6issue #6 ::: autumn 2013 1 cdr left, or digital here!

artificial memory trace, chris whitehead, david velez, éric la casa, kim walker, mathieu ruhlmann, OR poiesis, sawako, tattered kaylor, and more!


5issue #5 ::: summer 2013 cdr sold out, digital here!

a selection of vintage amateur field recordings from the derby and the leicester tape recording clubs, compiled and edited by mark vernon


4issue #4 ::: spring 2013 cdr sold out, or digital here!

featuring flavien gillié, france jobin, francisco lópez, jay-dea lopez, luís antero, maile colbert, stefan paulus, terje paulsen, yannick dauby, and more!


3issue #3 ::: autumn 2012 audio-dvd sold out, digital here!

featuring a two-and-a-half hour, high resolution recording on audio-dvd from the rainforests of borneo by chris watson


2issue #2 ::: spring 2012 cdr sold out, digital coming soon!

featuring jd zazie, sala, james wyness, dave phillips, aymeric de tapol, anton mobin, camilla hannan, pali meursault, and lasse-marc riek


1issue #1 ::: autumn 2011 cdr sold out, digital coming soon!

featuring sebastiane hegarty, marc behrens, mark peter wright, lee patterson, ernst karel, mecha/orga, paulo raposo, gill arno, and joe stevens



rootframework250 [root edition] cdr sold out, digital here!

featuring asmus tietchens, dallas simpson, eric cordier, felicity ford, hitoshi kojo, jeph jerman, keith berry, keith de mendonca, loren chasse, maksimsšenteļevs, maria balabas, martin clarke, murmer, nuno moita & matteo uggeri, peter cusack, scott sherk, seth nehil, steve roden, tarab, and toshiya tsunoda

branchframework250 [branch edition] cdr sold out, digital here!

featuring aaron ximm, chris watson, emmanuel mieville, giancarlo toniutti, jean-luc guionnet, jez riley french, jim haynes, joel stern & lloyd barrett, john grzinich, jonathan coleclough & ben owen, mark schreiber, michael northam, michael rüsenberg, phill niblock, richard garet, rie nakajima, simon whetham, thomas tilly / tö, and toy.bizarre