framework has two formats for which we are always accepting submissions: our regular editions, and framework:afield.

for our regular editions, we gratefully accept the submission of any work, released or unreleased, that you think we should hear. framework is a show consecrated to field recording, and its use in composition, but we do not attempt to restrict or define where the lines are drawn (see our manifesto on the info page). if you consider your work to be field recording-related, we want to hear it.

we also have an ongoing open call for proposals for framework:afield, our series of guest-curated programs. please read our extended guidelines for the production of an edition of framework:afield, and if you have an idea for an hour of field recording-related radio that you would like to produce, get in touch!

please send physical submissions to the following address:

põhja-sakala vald
71302 viljandimaa

or links for virtual submissions, or framework:afield proposals, via the form below.