#843: 2023.04.30 [stefan paulus]

this week’s edition of framework:afield, entitled ethnography in passing by, has been produced in switzerland, with recordings made in the united states, by stefan paulus. for more of his work see https://noWHERE-NOWhere.org. producer’s notes:

Actually, the title should be “ethnography in cycling through”, because the following field recordings and conversation snippets were created on a bicycle journey across the USA, on the way from Miami, Florida to Oakland, California. You can listen to the noises of tent cities in the heart of the strongest economy on earth, but also to the stories of people struggling to survive on these edge of civilization and trying to support their community.

The idea behind this field research was to hear about the community life, the social and political organization, cultural expressions of the social spaces and to capture the stories of people I meet accidentally on the road. These were mainly pedestrians, people living on the streets or in the bushes, activists and people who invited me for a coffee or a beer.

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#619: 2017.11.19 [stefan paulus]

this edition of framework:afield, entitled the sound of work, workplaces and working machines, has been produced in switzerland by stefan paulus. for more information on his work, see http://www.NoWhere-NowHere.org. producer’s notes:

The sound of work, workplaces and working machines.

Human factors and ergonomics sciences have been dealing with noise as workload for several decades. For this purpose, a huge range of instruments and methods already exists. Labour inspectors measure noise levels and using sound pressure measurement methods. Average levels indicate a health hazard. DIN norms regulate employment conditions. But individual impressions of noise less than 85dB aren’t part of these methods or norms. Therefore, annoying quiet sounds for example aren’t listed as dangerous to health and the sensory perception as a cognitive instrument of subjective perceived workloads caused by noise are less a component of human factors and ergonomics sciences and DIN standards. […]

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#521: 2015.07.19 [stefan paulus]

http://media.blubrry.com/1474243/archive.org/download/2015.07.19FrameworkRadio/framework521-2015.07.19.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (133.0MB)Subscribe: RSSthis edition of framework:afield has been produced in switzerland (not in germany, as stated in the show – the artist relocated some time ago) by regular contributor and purveyor of psychogeography stefan paulus. for more information see his new website at http://www.nowhere-nowhere.org. some text about the program:…

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#419: 2013.05.05 [stefan paulus]

http://media.blubrry.com/1474243/archive.org/download/2013.05.05FrameworkRadio/framework-2013.05.05.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (79.7MB)Subscribe: RSSthis edition of framework:afield, entitled dirty tracks, has been produced in germany by stefan paulus. stefan writes about the process of piecing this work together from his psychogeographic drifts: // this show is dedicated to the unknown musicians I have recorded over the past years during what…

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#366: 2012.03.11 [stefan paulus]

http://media.blubrry.com/1474243/www.archive.org/download/2012.03.11FrameworkRadio/framework-2012.03.11.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (82.7MB)Subscribe: RSSthis edition of framework:afield has been produced in hamburg, germany by stefan paulus. for more information see his website at http://psychogeography.blogsport.de. stefan says: This show is not a linear drop down playing songs show. It´s more a cluster, a collage of sound collages from field recorders, street…

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