#623: 2017.12.17 [john f. barber]

this edition of framework:afield, entitled in progress, has been produced in the united states by john f. barber. for more information on his work see http://nouspace.net/john.

producer’s notes:

In Progress is a sound narrative with a rhythm, even melody, composed entirely of mechanical sounds. A hotel trash compactor in Bergen, Norway, dealing with the remains of a previous night’s party. Pile driving equipment in Victoria, Canada, shutting down after a day of building the new ferry boat landing pier. Wind chimes dancing in a strong east wind. Rain on a metal roof. A collage of sounds from a Maker Faire in Portland, Oregon. Electromagnetic radiation recorded by spacecraft exploring our solar system, and beyond. Air rushing through hotel front doors, and around the edges of an airplane window. A sound installation inside a traditional thatch cottage in Londonderry/Derry, Northern Ireland. An FM carrier signal after the failure of the audio transmission. Squeaking doors, thumping refrigerator compressors. Construction of a new house. Underneath London’s Millennium Bridge. A wall of corrugated paper in Copenhagen. Passengers boarding a ferry. Sound installations samples. A large scale printer finishing a poster. As John Cage told us, everywhere we listen, there is always something to be heard in progress.


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#622: 2017.12.10

this is our last regular edition for 2017; we’ve got one more :afield edition, produced by john barber, coming up next week, and then we’ll be on winter break until edition #624 premieres on january 14th.

with this edition we got right to the heart of our latest issue of framework:seasonal, #9, winter 2017. framework:seasonal is our ongoing series of fund-raising releases, featuring new and exclusive works by members of the field-recording community. […]
issue #9 features 3 long works by artists active in our community and active in contributing material to framework radio: jonáš gruška, dinahbird & jean-philippe renoult, and fintan o’brien. their contributions can be heard in full in this edition of the program, dissected slightly, extracted into movements, and mixed together with one another and with recent favorite sounds from the aporee soundmaps. we hope you enjoy this program, and when it’s over we hope you’ll want to hear jonáš, dinah, jean-philippe, and fintan’s sounds again by ordering your copy of the release and supporting another year of framework radio today. […]

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#621: 2017.12.03 [aural tectonics]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced by students of University of the Arts, The Hague, Netherlands, in conjunction with Raviv Ganchrow’s Aural Tectonics workshop at the Institute of Sonology.

Studies in Nonstandard Binaural Hearing, 00:57:19, binaural audio

! Please listen with headphones ! The following recordings have been produced with binaural methods and require headphone playback for spatial accuracy.

The following broadcast contains a series of nonstandard binaural explorations conducted over the course of the Aural Tectonics workshop, at the Institute of Sonology, in autumn of 2017. Binaural recording and playback methods underscore the hearing apparatus as an innate technology and the body itself as a form of site. Participant’s pinnae – the outer portion of the ear crucial for rendering experiences of embodied spatial sound – were cast out of their head sockets and fitted with miniature microphones. Working with these disjoined microphonic ears, dedicated strategies of site-specific recording and audio montage were then developed. The following sequence explores the embodied, yet disjunctive, auditory qualities and spatial agencies of nonstandard first-person hearing. […]

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#620: 2017.11.26

our second-to-last regular edition of the year, in which we announce the details of our upcoming fund-raising release, framework:seasonal issue #9, winter 2017. it’s been a while since our last issue, but we’re back with a new format; issue #9 will feature three long works only, rather than the usual longer list of shorter works that has been our wont in the past. the tracklist:

01 ::: jonáš gruška ::: federovo ::: 19:12
02 ::: bird & renoult ::: what you see… ::: 29:35
03 ::: fintan o’brien ::: xixuau part 1 ::: 17:04

jonáš gruška, slovakian sound artist and phonographer, has had many appearances on framework over the past few years, both his own work and the releases on his lom label. bird & renoult is the duo of longtime-favorite radio artist dinahbird (originally from the uk) and jean-philippe renoult (france), based in paris. and fintan o’brien is a northern irish nature recordist who we had the pleasure of meeting here in estonia recently, as he embarked into the alam pedja nature reserve for one of his recording trips. […]

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#619: 2017.11.19 [stefan paulus]

this edition of framework:afield, entitled the sound of work, workplaces and working machines, has been produced in switzerland by stefan paulus. for more information on his work, see http://www.NoWhere-NowHere.org. producer’s notes:

The sound of work, workplaces and working machines.

Human factors and ergonomics sciences have been dealing with noise as workload for several decades. For this purpose, a huge range of instruments and methods already exists. Labour inspectors measure noise levels and using sound pressure measurement methods. Average levels indicate a health hazard. DIN norms regulate employment conditions. But individual impressions of noise less than 85dB aren’t part of these methods or norms. Therefore, annoying quiet sounds for example aren’t listed as dangerous to health and the sensory perception as a cognitive instrument of subjective perceived workloads caused by noise are less a component of human factors and ergonomics sciences and DIN standards. […]

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#618: 2017.11.12

well, this playlist got really long really fast. strangely, it seems to be one of our sparser shows (i know, i know, but it’s all relative), but it is made up of many tiny elements. site-specific improvisational work by una lee and chris lynn, archival collage work by c-shulz, intense textures by thomas dimuzio and anla courtis, children’s-choir drones by bass communion, many fine field recordings from the aporee maps and some other unreleased submissions, and also some of my own work, site-specific sonic interventions with found materials around the small finnish island of vartiosaari (the most recent iteration of my echo surveys series). […]

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#617: 2017.11.05 [till bovermann]

this edition of framework:afield has been curated by till bovermann and features the participants and sounds from two sonic wilderness interventions: sonic wild code, which was part of the field-notes hybrid matters event that took place in kilpisjärvi in lapland, finland in the autumn of 2015, and the soccos sonic wilderness micro residency on hailuoto island, also in finland. for more information, see https://fieldnotes.hybridmatters.net.

notes from the producer:

Sonic Wilderness Interventions
a compilation edited by Till Bovermann in 2017

In 2015 and 2016, sound practitioners met in Kilpisjärvi and Hailuoto to engage in a series of sonic wilderness interventions with portable electronic instruments. We investigated notions of coexistence, communication and potential for interaction in the hybrid ecology of the sites. Immersing ourselves into vast and raw landscapes, we held and recorded musical conversations with each other and the sites. […]

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#616: 2017.10.29

a compelling collection of releases finding their way into the show this week, not least of which is the re-release of jon hassell’s 1981 collection dream theory in malaya, his second fourth world release. mostly instrumental and exploring the tones and instruments of the senoi people of malaya, it also incorporates (as heard in the tracks we’ve selected) some field recordings. along with that we heard the latest release from  new york’s contour editions, new and old cassette releases by peter coyte and dillon vessels, a wonderful document of a fisherman’s strike in venice (as the strikers sounded their fog horns up and down the canals), and our latest selection of recent uploads to the aporee soundmaps. […]

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#615: 2017.10.22 [d.l. lutz]

this edition of framework:afield, entitled industries has been produced in germany by regular contributor d. l. lutz.

Earscape „Industries“

This earscape is meant as a sound memorial to the questionable western thinking of progress that has spread worldwide despite all cultural differences. It captures industrial and technical noise, antique machinery and fully automated production lines, turbines and laboratories, active building sites and industrial ghost towns… […]

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#614: 2017.10.15

i’m late getting this out to you, and later for 100 other things as well – ah, the life of a work-at-home parent! – so i’m going to keep this blunt and get this show on the road. long, overlapped documents from astrid & ephraim wegner, a retracing of his ancestral emigration route from portugal to the states by steve peters, a single, extremely dissected field recording by mise_en_scene, and a glorious compilation of label artists from aposiopèse. all begun with an intro recorded for us (of what? we don’t know) by sam roberts. enjoy these great sounds! […]

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#613: 2017.10.08 [audio-DH]

this edition of framework:afield, entitled audio-DH, has been produced in the netherlands by francisco lópez, barbara ellison and iii in collaboration with 250 creators from the city of den haag (the hague). for more information see the project website at http://audiodh.nl.

sonic manifestations by 250 creators from Den Haag / The Hague

Rejecting nostalgia and elitism, I am among those who believe that the current sound creative situation worldwide is not only particularly appealing but also has no historical precedent in terms of the magnitude of the phenomenon of creativity socialization (a term I prefer over the more equivocal of ‘democratization’). This state of affairs is not a consequence of ‘the internet’ or ‘the social networks’ –as many seem to dogmatically assume nowadays. In my opinion, the causal sequence is at least an iterative bidirectional succession, if not the outright inverse. The essential mechanisms of this process were present before and they have indeed manifested themselves in their outcomes every time the techno-cultural conditions were right (two pre-internet examples are the social history of the electric guitar and the so-called ‘cassette culture’). The current discourse is quite often focused on the evolution and accessibility of the tools (‘new technologies’, ‘computers’…). This perspective is not only deficient in light of its positivist character and its teleological fiction, but also because it obliterates what is perhaps the most significant process of transformation that has taken place over the past few decades: the ethic and aesthetic socialization of the right to create. […]

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#612: 2017.10.01

several new names to our airwaves in this edition: we recently encountered and have been exploring the work of manja ristić, instrumentalist, improviser and sound artist from belgrade; we’ve had the pleasure of discovering the solo work of tony buck, percussionist from the legendary group the necks; and claude schryer sent us not only this wonderful example of the work he is doing with his simple soundscapes project, but a framework introduction he recorded as well. this went along well with the latest offering from bjnilsen (not new to our airwaves at all), some unreleased works by sebastiane hegarty and thesoundcollective, and some recent sounds from the aporee soundmaps. […]

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#611: 2017.09.24 [paul ratcliff]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by paul ratcliff. producer’s notes:

Yorkshire Soundings

You are going to hear a collection of sounds from the region of Yorkshire in the North of England, UK. This collation is the culmination of four years of field recording practice and is arranged to show both the sounds of human-made constructions, what Krause would call Anthrophony, and also the natural history sounds found in the urban areas of the county. […]

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