#584: 2017.02.05

possibly our first ever intro recorded in china, along with sounds from peru, taiwan, greece, chile, hong kong, the united kingdom, italy, slovenia, denmark, and the minor outlying islands of the united states. phew, quite a journey! almost all the releases in this week’s show are available as downloads, many of them for free, so browse the links below to hear more. […]

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#583: 2017.01.29 [john f. barber]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in vancouver, usa by john f. barber, and is entitled transect: london. for more information see http://www.radionouspace.org/john.

producer’s notes:

Transects is a sound art project investigating ways of sampling sounds along a path through a particular space or place. The desired end result is to promote immersive narrative collages of sounds that represent that place or space, all best experienced through listening.

My practice of creating transects draws on the features and affordances of soundscapes, soundwalks, and sound maps. Soundscapes are the multiple, overlapping, sounds one might hear at a particular location. Soundwalks promote listening to a soundscape by walking to sound sources. Sound maps plot sound sources at specific locations and promote listening to targeted sounds within a soundscape. Transects sample particular or characteristic sounds along a path through a space or place, which, when combined, provide a mix or collage of the soundscape. Learn more about soundscapes, soundwalks, and sound maps. […]

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#582: 2017.01.22

this week’s show contains some new works alongside some older pieces dug out of the submission archives. many of the works this week are available as free downloads from the artist or label, so if you like it, check the links below in the playlist. all this began with a framework introduction featuring petanque players in a small village in brittany, france, sent in by regular contributor barry cullen. along with donations, we also need intros! so why not send both! […]

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#581: 2017.01.15 [matthew swiezynski]

song of the unvanquished

second reinterpretation of the sound-design in satyajit ray’s apu trilogy, focusing on the films aparajito (the unvanquished) (1956) & andapur sansar (the world of apu) (1959), with music by ravi shankar and sound by durgadas mitra, bishnu paridha, ranajit singha roy, satyen chatterjee, kali das, and robin sengupta. remixed and reimagined by matthew swiezynski.

the transfer/conveyance, mixing, and layering of the soundtrack was guided along the pathways of the sky with attention to these simple ideas :
– reoccurring moments of sound/music
– structural patterns, both simple and complex, broken and unbroken
– repetition used in noticeable ways and invisible ways
– errors or imperfections in editing highlighted and often times exaggerated
– creating trance moments to get lost in, and heighten awareness to what proceeds and follows
– attention to fuzz, scratches and other virtues of 35mm film
– removal of dialogue except for tiny moments that are more musical than narrative

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#580: 2017.01.08

happy new year, folks! we’re back with the start of our 2017 broadcasting season, just as winter properly descends on us here in estonia. as temperatures dipped down to almost -20C i found myself unconsciously gravitating towards summer sounds: lom’s soundscapes of summer release by izabela dłużyk and green field summer storms release by chris lynn. also some seaside sounds in our intro and our aporee soundmaps selections; and we’re pretty sure roosters can’t crow like that in -20C. we also enjoyed some more abstract ‘field recording’ techniques, as ariel guzik’s long-string cordiox constructions resonate with the ambient sounds of their environments. […]

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