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this week we continue our look back at some early classic editions of framework:afield with an edition produced in france by cedric peyronnet, aka toy.bizarre, and first broadcast on the 16th of june, 2006. for more of cedric’s current work, see here are the original program notes:

The principle was simple (Same as all my radio shows) : picking up a record then mixing it with another then mixing it with another, etc… just by following the inspiration that comes from listening to the sounds. The result is a mix of extracts of tracks sounding as one unique piece.

cedric peyronnet, 2006.06

[ N° Artist Title Album Format Label ]

1 Denis Smalley Empty vessels (Extracts) Sources / scènes CD Empreintes digitales
2 Jean-François Laporte Mantra (Extract) Mantra mCD Metamkine
3 Edward Ruchalski Refined localities part one (Extract) Refined localities part one mCD Taalem
4 Justin Bennett El Masnou Noise map CD Spore records
5 Trevor Wishart Fabulous Paris (Extract) CD Or
6 Jim O’Rourke Rules of reduction (Extract) Rules of reduction mCD Metamkine
7 Matt Shoemaker Groundless (Extracts) Groundless CD 30 Oiseaux
8 David Dunn Venice, thunderstorm Why do whales and children sing ? CD Earth ear
9 Rob Mullender Metro magnetics 2 (Extract) Metro magnetics mCD Staalplaat
10 Jon Tulchin Wind, birds & powerlines Private CD Private edition
11 Eric La Casa Mille et trois souffles d’écorce (Extract) Mille et trois souffles d’écorce mCD LDV
12 Hildegard Westerkamp Beneath the forest floor Transformations CD Empreintes digitales
13 Kiyoshi Mizutani Knock of rocks (Extracts) Yokosawa-iri CD cmr
14 Kiyoshi Mizutani Fall of rocks (Extracts) Yokosawa-iri CD cmr
15 Steven Peters Here ings (Extract) Here ings CD PPP
16 Annea Lockwood (Extract) A sound map of the Hudson river CD Lovely Music
17 Eric La Casa Part four (Extract) Les pierres du seuil CD Edition…
18 John Hudak Pond (Extract) Pond CD Meme
19 Small Cruel Party Tank ecstasy between floors Three simple eyes of the insect… Tape Apraxia
20 BMB con. Rotterdam, 1998 (Extract) #9 mCD Staalplaat
21 Edwin Van Der Heide Wavescape (Extract) Wavescape mCD Staalplaat
22 Jean-Luc Bardyn Barcelone / Marseille L’appel du port CD CRESSON
23 Cécile Le Prado Le triangle d’incertitude (Extract) Le triangle d’incertitude mCD IRCAM
24 Barry Truax Island (Extract) Islands CD Cambridge street rec.
25 Loren Chase (Extract) Synthesis of neglected places CD unique ancient tavern
26 David Dunn The emergent pond CD
27 Gordon Hempton Bayou (Extract) Bayou Netlabel Itunes
28 Steven P McGreevy VLF Manitoba, ’96 & VLF Waterton, ’98 Auroral Chorus II CD SP McGreevy
29 Denis Smalley Corrie (Extract) Névé mCD GMEM
30 Lionel Marchetti Portrait d’un glacier (Extract) Portrait d’un glacier CD Ground fault
31 Dominique Comtat Sons en Provence (Extract) Sons en Provence CD Private edition
32 Hands To Naahondzond (Extracts) Naahondzond Tape Animist
33 Yannick Dauby Penghu (Extract) Taiwan Netlabel ?

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