#597: 2017.05.07 [julian weaver]

this is the second of two editions produced in the uk and france by julian weaver (the first, two weeks ago, produced in collaboration with jean martin). for more information on his work, see http://www.finetuned.org.

a few words from the producer:

I even felt uneasy / Je me sentais même un malaise
Julian Weaver

Narration by Jacques Sirot @Mirlitant

The falling tide reveals an acoustic space in the ecotone which is obliterated on its return. The ecotone is a border zone where ecological systems meet and mingle; a place of tension that is often a site of political conflict.

In the UK where I live, there has been, since the vote to leave the EU, a queasiness about travel across the English Channel (La Manche). Expats are unsettled by precarity over their rights to remain. Retrograde waves of xenophobia, spurred by ideological policy (‘State multiculturalism has failed’ – David Cameron, 2011), campaign rhetoric (‘Breaking Point: Britain has failed us all’, UKIP 2016), are unfettered in the press (‘Migrants setting up SECRET Calais camps’, Daily Express, 2017) and increasingly apparent in public by those intent on ‘taking our country back.’ […]

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#596: 2017.04.30

we’ve been doing a bit of traveling lately – our last regular edition was sent to you from narva, in northern estonia, and this one is sent to you from perruel-sur-andelle, in northern france. the movement has been making us slightly forgetful though, and as we forgot to mention one of the artists in our last regular edition, so we forgot to mention the producer(s) of this week’s beautiful framework introduction, regular contributor to our framework:afield series with his earscape programs, d.l. lutz, with his colleague solara shiha. he had this to say about their recording:

For [this intro], I engaged a friend of mine, being a female artist and architect from Syria living and working in Berlin. We are standing on a building site in Berlin – concrete walls and ceilings dripping from a nightly rainfall. The drops also fall on scaffolding, making this metallic „cling cling“. […]

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#595: 2017.04.23 [julian weaver & jean martin]

this edition, entitled sound little island, has been produced in the uk and france by julian weaver and jean martin. for more information see their respective websites at http://www.finetuned.org and http://www.soundbasis.eu.

notes from the producers:

With the Brexit process in full flow and increasingly protectionist tendencies in the USA, Italy, Poland, Hungary and France, we are reminded of the UK’s former diplomatic policy of so-called ‘splendid isolation.’ Around the same time in France, Joris-Karl Huysmans published the classic À Rebours (1884) in which Des Esseintes ‘travels’ to England, by literary, culinary and other sensorial means, without leaving Paris’; a masterful combination of English mores and excruciating cliché strangely echoed by the rhetoric of the leave campaign. […]

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#594: 2017.04.16

coming to you from the northern estonian city of narva this week, as i begin a new project in what remains of the old krenholm factory complex on the russian border. i’ll be sharing some sounds and images from that soon. but in the meantime, the playlist ended up rather long and complex this week, so much so that i embarrassingly forgot to mention one of the artists in the actual show, so a big apology to chris lynn and impulsive habitat for leaving them out, as the qixia release provided an essential backbone for this program, and comes highly recommended. you can find it for download at the links below in the playlist. many other (all?) of this week’s releases are also available as downloads, so this is a good time to show your support and check them out. […]

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#593: 2017.04.09 [edward sanderson]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced by edward sanderson, and features the work of artists working with field recordings in china. for more information on edward and his work, see http://blog.escdotdot.com.

K1973 (Zhang Jungang) – “共乐小区 Gongle Community”, from the Harbin Sound Map, Harbin, 2009 http://www.icebreaking.org/sound/map/
“The air defence warning sound in Harbin on the 18th September, the National Humiliation Day, this recording sounds like an urban symphony consisting of the sonic ritual and sounds of daily life.” – Zhang Jungang […]

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#592: 2017.04.02

i’ll start this playlist with a correction and an apology: this show featured a lovely self-released work by christopher j. morris entitled listening in the sunroom, which i inexplicably announced as being by richard bentley, perhaps in anticipation of his lovely framework introduction which we’ll be featuring in an upcoming show, or more likely just because i’m an airhead. sorry, christopher! i can’t change the audio that went out on the air, but i can at least apologise here and make sure the playlist is correct.

also this week: new sounds from the unfathomless label – two releases originating from right here in the baltics, by sala, from lithuania, and a tour of the old aldaris brewery in latvia by rihards bražinskis & raitis upens; a self-released cd by newcomer to our airwaves, grey frequency; an upcoming online release by tobias hellqvist; and a framework introduction recorded for us by mode analogue, who provided this enticing description:

it has been recorded in october 2016 on the cambodian island KOH RONG SAMLOEUM at the end of the rainy season on a beautiful stretch of coast being called the Sunset Beach. during this time the weather was still very rough and therefore the sound of the waves seems to be ever present. however, this was the first day since the end of the dry season when a little barge could approach this side of the island close enough to deliver urgently needed supplies and material which is usually carried by locals on a at times demanding jungle path during this time of the year. […]

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#591: 2017.03.26 [jani purhonen & tero niskanen]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in helsinki by jani purhonen and tero niskanen. for more information on some of their other projects, see:


some words from jani:

Raaja. Creative documentation of a site work by A.J. Purhonen and Tero Niskanen. A site specific web radio station during Flow festival in August 2016 collected material along the fringes of the festival area through an exploration into the medium of sound.

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#590: 2017.03.19

an appeal and an apology to start off this playlist – first of all, as i mentioned several times during this show, the track in the playlist titled melatonina is a mystery to me. even when submissions are unlabeled, or i misfile them, i can always track them down through emails or chat messages or download history. but the origins of this one have eluded me – i only know it’s title, and it’s been waiting quite a while to be identified and aired, so i thought i’d better just do it and ask you, dear listeners: did you send me this? let me know if you did, and i will add your name to the playlist and apologise profusely.

and speaking of apologies, here’s one more: i mistakenly announced dominique laloux’s beautiful aporee contribution recorded in togo as ‘anonymous’, when in fact his name is all over it. please accept my humblest, dominique.

otherwise a fault-free show made up of several unreleased online submissions, a new digital release of video game appropriated soundscapes on the gruenrekorder label, and one of the four sides of jason kahn’s latest double-lp release. all this began with a framework introduction recorded by good friend of the program jonathan coleclough, just a few hundred meters from where i’m sitting now, during a recent visit of his here to us in estonia. […]

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#589: 2017.03.12 [vincent duseigne]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in belgium by vincent duseigne, using recordings made in abandoned mines in 2016. for more information see his website at http://tchorski.morkitu.org.

notes from the producer:

For 20 years, we have been exploring abandoned mines. Often, it’s extremely difficult to access these places. We may stay underground for long periods, to reach faraway areas. In terms of sound, the mine offers a unique and strange landscape. The trip that is offered here begins with the words of a teammate : behind a long flooded zone, a new mine has been discovered. Following this good news, we dive into the unusual world of the mine, as austere as it is uncanny. […]

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#588: 2017.03.05

a long track list this week; i’m not sure how we got to 19 individual tracks without sounding too crowded, but somehow it happened. we heard several releases from the taâlem 3″ cdr series, in celebration of their relaunch of their physical releases; and we heard a beautiful new 10″ release from drone records’ substantia innominata sublabel from two great friends of the program, yannick dauby and hitoshi kojo. several online and/or unreleased works also featured, another selection of sounds from the aporee soundmaps, and a 2nd intro recorded amidst the recent protests in bucharest by new contributors mara maracinescu and dorin moldoveanu. […]

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#587: 2017.02.26 [ian-john hutchinson]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in south korea by ian-john hutchinson. for more information see http://soundcloud.com/ian-john-hutchinson.

notes from the producer:

Field Recording in recent live performance in South Korea.

What is the nature of the contemporary sound object?

Given that the status of a field recording may be very dubious, and its fate may be oblivion, what are the strategies that artists have developed to present their field recordings and to generate audience engagement in listening to sonic representations. What tricks are artists pulling in attempting to get people to ‘open their ears and listen?’

Some overlap, some reinforcement among these questions will be sought in the context of the recent use of phonography for live performance in the South Korean speculative music scene.

There are four artists whose live performance documents can be heard in this short program. […]

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#586: 2017.02.19

wow, the playlist got long this week; i suppose it was a pretty dense show. i got excited to showcase a number of actual hold-them-in-your-hand physical vinyl LPs that have recently arrived here at framework headquarters: 3 from the great fragment factory label, and another from our new friends in moscow at kotä records. and following that stream of consciousness, we also heard some unrelated moscow sounds from a free online release, along with sounds from germany, japan, czechia, taiwan, and from the recent protests in romania. […]

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#585: 2017.02.12 [dallas simpson]

this week’s edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by dallas simpson, featuring recordings made around charmey and gruyère switzerland. notes from the producer:

The Alpine Cattle Descent at Charmey in Canton Freiburg, Switzerland is an annual festival parade celebrating the return of the cattle to the lowlands after spending the Summer up the mountains.

Sonically it is an exciting event. The cacophonous clanging of multitudes of cowbells as groups of cattle are paraded through the streets, sits against the prolonged drone of Alpenhorns and the flapping of the National flag hoisted aloft by the obligatory flag waver. Wandering around the festival streets gives a continual spatial mix of people, music and sounds. An a capella choir sings traditional folk songs while to one side we hear the rustic clang of the blacksmiths anvil as he gives live demonstrations of his craft.

But up in the mountains there is a serene silence punctuated by distant orchestras of cattle, diving aircraft and a little improvisation with found metal poles and a ski lift landing pad constructed of hollow drainpipes.

There are exciting spatial soundscapes to be heard here at both ends of the dynamic spectrum and ideal for binaural recording. Headphones essential! […]

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