grey frequency, exhibition, self-released 2017

i’ll start this playlist with a correction and an apology: this show featured a lovely self-released work by christopher j. morris entitled listening in the sunroom, which i inexplicably announced as being by richard bentley, perhaps in anticipation of his lovely framework introduction which we’ll be featuring in an upcoming show, or more likely just because i’m an airhead. sorry, christopher! i can’t change the audio that went out on the air, but i can at least apologise here and make sure the playlist is correct.

also this week: new sounds from the unfathomless label – two releases originating from right here in the baltics, by sala, from lithuania, and a tour of the old aldaris brewery in latvia by rihards bražinskis & raitis upens; a self-released cd by newcomer to our airwaves, grey frequency; an upcoming online release by tobias hellqvist; and a framework introduction recorded for us by mode analogue, who provided this enticing description:

it has been recorded in october 2016 on the cambodian island KOH RONG SAMLOEUM at the end of the rainy season on a beautiful stretch of coast being called the Sunset Beach. during this time the weather was still very rough and therefore the sound of the waves seems to be ever present. however, this was the first day since the end of the dry season when a little barge could approach this side of the island close enough to deliver urgently needed supplies and material which is usually carried by locals on a at times demanding jungle path during this time of the year.

and one further announcement to make: francisco lopez has just launched the call for the 2017 edition of his sonic mmabolela workshop/residency in south africa for sound artists and composers, and he asked me to share the news with you, dear framework listeners. i’m sure some of you will be interested – you can find more information here:

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 05:32  /  mode analogue  /  framework introduction, recorded in cambodia

03:33 – 17:11  /  sala  /  scare me not I [excerpt 1] /  scare me not  /  unfathomless,

09:08 – 18:06  /  christopher j. morris  /  listening in the sunroom  / field recordings 2017  /  [self-released]

14:01 – 22:20  /  grey frequency  /  drakelow tunnels  /  exhibition  / [self-released]

16:46 – 26:40  /  tobias hellqvist  /  the driver vs. the city  / forest psalms  /  dragon’s eye,

18:12 – 34:55  /  rihards bražinskis & raitis upens  /  [excerpt 1]  / aldaris  /  unfathomless

28:48 – 40:30  /  sala  /  scare me not I [excerpt 2] /  scare me not  /  unfathomless,

33:08 – 39:19  /  grey frequency  /  cascade  /  exhibition  / [self-released]

37:22 – 42:31  /  tobias hellqvist  /  where no one can hear you  / forest psalms  /  dragon’s eye,

40:07 – 44:21  /  tobias hellqvist  /  pt. 3 rhythms  /  forest psalms /  dragon’s eye,

42:58 – 55:15  /  grey frequency  /  hemlock stone  /  exhibition  / [self-released]

44:07 – 54:56  /  rihards bražinskis & raitis upens  /  [excerpt 2]  / aldaris  /  unfathomless

49:03 – 59:00  /  sala  /  scare me not II  /  scare me not  /  unfathomless,

patrick 2017, regular edition

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