#610: 2017.09.17 [matt shoemaker]

we’re back from our summer break, but sadly we’re back with another memorial edition, as we learned during our time away of the death of matt shoemaker, an artist whose work we have admired for a very long time. i first encountered matt’s work in the early 2000’s, through his releases on bernhard günter’s essential trente oiseaux label, and the textures he created and the sensibility in the structuring of his sounds were a great influence on my  own compositional endeavours. we first featured his work on the program back in 2006, and he has graced our airwaves several times since. his work, as has been pointed out, is greatly under-appreciated, whereas his name really deserves to be amongst the greats of our ‘genre’. i never had the pleasure of meeting the man myself, but from the tributes i’ve seen by those close to him personally, it seems this is also something i might regret. but in memory of matt i can at least hope to spread the knowledge of his great work a little, for those of you who may not be familiar with him, and provide a brief space on our airwaves for remembrance, for those of you who are. […]

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#609: 2017.07.30 [pheobe riley law & jez riley french]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by pheobe riley law and jez riley french. PLEASE NOTE: this is our last edition before our annual summer break, where we take the month of august (and a bit) off to weed the garden, read a book, and recharge our ears. we’ll be back with edition #610 on sunday, september 17th. in the meantime, we know you can’t live without out, so please take this time to explore some of the shows you might have missed in the archive, or experiment with our eternal random players. and please, as always, consider making a donation so we can come back with a strong autumn season! here are this edition’s notes, from the producers:

a quiet position – orford ness
curated by JrF & Pheobe riley Law

Jez riley French – build
Pheobe riley Law – E4/139 (extract)
Nikki Sheth – Orford Grass
Jez riley French – in […]

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#608: 2017.07.23

coming to you a little late this week, due to our recent travels in narva, where we were recording empty factories that sound like this:

so we’re going to keep this short and sweet – this is our last regular edition before our summer break (one more framework:afield to come next week), and we actually put this show together a few weeks ago, before learning of the death of pierre henry and decided to drop everything to make our special memorial edition. but our special sneak peak at jonáš gruska’s upcoming lp is still special, even though it’s now two weeks less sneaky, and we’re still just as impressed by the latest batch of tiny portaits from kate carr’s flaming pines label. plenty of other great sounds in here too, from gruenrekorder, impulsive habitat, the aporee soundmaps, and a new (well, new to us, not to him – he recorded it in 2015) framework intro from martin clarke. […]

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#607: 2017.07.16 [aharon]

this edition of framework:afield, entitled artscapes and hospitality, has been produced in the uk by aharon, with the collaboration of hilan bensusan. notes from the producer:

About Artscapes and hospitality. The recording was made over two different times and events while focusing on similar subjects. The sound-scapes rove from foreground to background yet continually hosting, informing and interrupting an ongoing conversation. The conversation is between two friends, Hilan Bensusan – a philosopher, and Aharon – an artist. Both come from different sets of focuses, and yet are interested in similar subjects. The topics of the conversations are ideas to do with art’s informality and a philosophy of hospitality. 1st part is recorded at a gallery opening. 2nd part is recorded during a walk in “fireworks night”, Brighton, UK, 2016.

Hilan Bensusan. A philosopher and lecturer based in brasilia university. hilanbensusan.net
Aharon. A nonspecific artist. itchy.5p.lt

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#606: 2017.07.09 [pierre henry]

it was with great sadness that we learned this past week of the passing of pierre henry, pioneer of musique concrète, found sound, and experimental composition, at the age of 89. henry has of course played a huge role in the history and development of all electronic, experimental, and acousmatic music, and we in the field recording community owe him a special debt. we wouldn’t be here without him. he has had a huge influence personally on my work and my ears, and i count myself very lucky to have arrived in france during my formative years and to have had the chance to discover and explore his work, and count myself even luckier to have been able to witness his live performances on more than one occasion. i was even able to meet him once, very briefly, a very memorable moment for me, and undoubtedly instantly forgettable for him. the 20 years for which i have been listening to his music feels shamefully short against the almost 70 years for which he was making it. we here at framework felt we had no alternative but to make the tiniest of possible gestures in dedicating an edition of our show to him and his immense body of immense work, a tip of the ‘phones, if you will, to a great artist. rest in peace, pierre, and thanks. […]

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#605: 2017.07.02 [amanda wilson & justin gagen]

this edition of framework:afield, a 1 hour version of their piece entitled aurosion, has been produced in the uk by amanda wilson and justin gagen.

notes from the producers:

Aurosion: Eroding Sonic Landscapes with the Internet Audio Cyclotron
by Amanda Wilson and Justin Gagen

Aurosion: Eroding Sonic Landscapes with the Internet Audio Cyclotron was originally a collaborative, long-form studio performance by the authors, broadcast on June 6th 2016 by the radio station ResonanceExtra. The piece, whose seed material consisted of field recordings from locales as diverse as the laboratory and a tropical mangrove forest, ran for six hours: this version represents an edit consisting of around an hour of the original performance. Aurosion utilised a process conceived and designed by the authors to subvert the functionality of networks and compression algorithms – The Internet Audio Cyclotron, or IAC. […]

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#603: 2017.06.18 [semi/silent]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in bucharest, romania by the participants in framework’s ephemeral listening workshop, organised by semi/silent this past january. for more information on semi/silent and their work, see http://semisilent.ro.

producers’ notes:

SEMI / SILENT Recordists in Winter

SEMI / SILENT is a platform for radio art, creative audio documentaries and field recording created in 2016 by Anamaria Pravicencu and Octav Avramescu for the promotion of sound work in Romania.

In the frame of SEMI / SILENT, in January 2017, a group of 12 sound artists, musicians, performers, sound engineers, film makers and journalists participated in a two days workshop with Patrick Tubin McGinley and created a number of non verbal narratives with sounds from Bucharest.

www.semisilent.ro […]

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#602: 2017.06.11

it was only one regular edition back that we rattled on and on at you about our 600th (!) show, but landmarks come and go, and that one is already nearly forgotten, as we now, only two weeks later, hit the next one. this week FRAMEWORK TURNS 15. we broadcast our first show, with our then-co-host and co-founder joel stern, from the original denmark street studios of resonance fm in london, on june 14th, 2002. we featured works by alan lamb, dale lloyd, toy.bizarre, toshiya tsunoda, michael prime, the quiet american, jon tulchin, illusion of safety, aaron bergman, marcelo radulovich, josh russell, and (ahem) murmer. they all sounded great, but we’re horrified to admit that we, ourselves, sounded like squeaky schoolchildren (well, i did anyway; joel retained a somewhat greater composure). this has been online for some time now already, but we’ve more or less kept schtum about it, so you almost certainly missed it. but now, for your listening (dis)pleasure, we offer you, transferred from the original wax cylinder recording, framework #001:


meanwhile, we feel slightly confident that we appear at least mildly less rattled here in #602, featuring lots of great new and less-new sounds by artists whose work we definitely had not yet had the pleasure of hearing 15 years ago, and whose work we certainly would not have had the opportunity to hear if it weren’t for the longevity of a community project like framework; we have it to thank for so many vibrations making their way to our ears that never would have found their way there otherwise. […]

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#600! 2017.05.28

well, very quietly in the night, without much fanfare, we’ve hit another milestone. #600. we’ve been doing this so long that we’ve managed 600 shows, practically 600 hours of framework radio. that’s 25 straight days – you could lock yourself in a room for almost a month and listen to framework radio non-stop. will you? we hope not. but that’s up to you. and what’s more, #600 falls very close to our 15th birthday – edition #1 broadcast on resonance fm in london on june 14th, 2002. so in just over 2 weeks we’ll be piling the candles onto something sweet and singing quietly to ourselves.[…]
a very dense show for our 600th, featuring new physical releases by two very good friends of the program, mr. eamon sprod, aka tarab, and mr. scott sherk, aka scott sherk. also two newcomers to our airwaves, carlos casos and gavin prior, sounds from the aporee soundmaps, and a framework introduction recorded for us in australia by another long-time contributor, jeremy hegge. […]

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#599: 2017.05.21 [jason kahn]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in zürich, switzerland with recordings made in beijing, china by jason kahn. for more information see http://www.jasonkahn.net.

notes from the producer:

Jason Kahn // Capital Steel

Long walk from the subway station to Capital Steel. Progressing steadily down vast boulevards, past dilapidated worker slums decaying in the dust and smog. The street ends at a construction site, and coming out the other side traces of Capital Steel loom into view: the wall enclosing the grounds, the huge steel pipes traveling elevated through the outlying neighborhoods. I take a side street, walking past metal workers, auto repair, mom and pop groceries. An atmosphere of quiet resignation. The sun beats way overhead, somewhere above the cloak of smog. […]

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#598: 2017.05.14

last sunday, may 7th, was international dawn chorus day, so we thought it appropriate to begin this show (after our introduction recorded in mexico city by new contributor dillon vessels) with a dawn chorus recording from that day made right here in south estonia by visiting irish nature recordist fintan o’brien. i had the pleasure of meeting up with fintan last week, and you can expect to hear more from him, including an edition of framework:afield, sometime in the not too distant future. plenty of recordings from estonia (and elsewhere) on his soundcloud page – this is his 5th or 6th recording visit here over the last 6 or 7 years.

meanwhile, another handful of actual physical releases this week, including the latest offering from long, long-time favorite of the program, eric la casa, as well as new sounds from dave phillips, luca forcucci, and novi_sad. […]

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