jake muir, acclimation, dragon’s eye recordings, 2017

it was only one regular edition back that we rattled on and on at you about our 600th (!) show, but landmarks come and go, and that one is already nearly forgotten, as we now, only two weeks later, hit the next one. this week FRAMEWORK TURNS 15. we broadcast our first show, with our then-co-host and co-founder joel stern, from the original denmark street studios of resonance fm in london, on june 14th, 2002. we featured works by alan lamb, dale lloyd, toy.bizarre, toshiya tsunoda, michael prime, the quiet american, jon tulchin, illusion of safety, aaron bergman, marcelo radulovich, josh russell, and (ahem) murmer. they all sounded great, but we’re horrified to admit that we, ourselves, sounded like squeaky schoolchildren (well, i did anyway; joel retained a somewhat greater composure). this has been online for some time now already, but we’ve more or less kept schtum about it, so you almost certainly missed it. but now, for your listening (dis)pleasure, we offer you, transferred from the original wax cylinder recording, framework #001:


meanwhile, we feel slightly confident that we appear at least mildly less rattled here in #602, featuring lots of great new and less-new sounds by artists whose work we definitely had not yet had the pleasure of hearing 15 years ago, and whose work we certainly would not have had the opportunity to hear if it weren’t for the longevity of a community project like framework; we have it to thank for so many vibrations making their way to our ears that never would have found their way there otherwise.

do you feel the same? if so – now’s the time to show your support for framework. donate if you can, sign up for a monthly contribution, or if you can’t do that, just help spread the word – blog about us, social-mediate about us, write our name down in pencil on a scrap of paper for your grandparents, do whatever you have to do to help people find us, so these vibrations can get to their ears too. and hEARS to another 15 yEARS!

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 06:25  /  christopher olson  /  framework introduction, recorded in osaka, jp

02:02 – 17:20  /  david velez  /  [extract 1]  /  sonido descompuesto  /  unfathomless
http://davidvelezr.tumblr.com, http://www.unfathomless.net

09:00 – 25:20  /  orphax  /  schönhauser allee  /  warschauer straße  /  opa loka
http://www.orphax.com, http://www.opa-loka-records.com

11:39 – 15:12  /  constantine katsiris  /  thunderstorm pagrati  /  world listening day 2014  /  green field
http://scantintone.com, http://greenfieldrecordings.yolasite.com

13:47 – 30:40  /  goh lee kwang  /  stones – birdlings flat, christchurch  /  captured – field recording in new zealand  /  [self-released]
http://gohleekwang.blogspot.com, http://gohleekwang.bandcamp.com/album/captured-field-recording-in-new-zealand

17:58 – 30:52  /  jake muir  /  cold seeps  /  acclimation  /  dragon’s eye
https://soundcloud.com/jake-muir, http://www.dragonseyerecordings.com

21:43 – 28:17  /  alineación  /  concrete duplicate  /  –  /  –

27:17 – 39:37  /  david velez  /  [extract 2]  /  sonido descompuesto  /  unfathomless
http://davidvelezr.tumblr.com, http://www.unfathomless.net

34:10 – 43:11  /  constantine katsiris  /  vancouver vessel  /  british columbia, ca  /  aporee soundmaps
http://scantintone.com, http://aporee.org/maps/?loc=14958

36:40 – 48:50  /  orphax  /  mehringdamm  /  warschauer straße  /  opa loka
http://www.orphax.com, http://www.opa-loka-records.com

41:10 – 53:51  /  jake muir  /  black smokers  /  acclimation  /  dragon’s eye
https://soundcloud.com/jake-muir, http://www.dragonseyerecordings.com

44:38 – 51:49  /  alineación  /  alignment  /  alineación  /  [self-released]

47:25 – 58:53  /  david velez  /  [extract 3]  /  sonido descompuesto  /  unfathomless
http://davidvelezr.tumblr.com, http://www.unfathomless.net

55:25 – 59:00  /  constantine katsiris  /  prague vlf radio spaces  /  prague, cz  /  sounds of prague
http://scantintone.com, http://sonicity.cz/cs/prague-vlf-main-railway-station

patrick 2017, regular edition

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