this edition, entitled sound little island, has been produced in the uk and france by julian weaver and jean martin. for more information see their respective websites at and

notes from the producers:

With the Brexit process in full flow and increasingly protectionist tendencies in the USA, Italy, Poland, Hungary and France, we are reminded of the UK’s former diplomatic policy of so-called ‘splendid isolation.’ Around the same time in France, Joris-Karl Huysmans published the classic À Rebours (1884) in which Des Esseintes ‘travels’ to England, by literary, culinary and other sensorial means, without leaving Paris’; a masterful combination of English mores and excruciating cliché strangely echoed by the rhetoric of the leave campaign.

Sound Little Island, our recent installation in La Rochelle (France), sought to undermine these tendencies by transmitting the everyday (the infra-ordinary) punctuated by French lives abroad and emphasizes the similarities and resonances between people and place.

This program combines interview extracts from the installation with field recordings referencing Huysmans’ fictive journey.

Thanks to the French citizens and expatriates in England: Francois & Cathy de Zelicourt, Cecile, Julien, Marc Gourdon, Jean-Francois Mura, Olivia Nouvel-Kendall, Corinne, Géraldine Anberrée, Christoph Gau, Elody and Penelope Jullian.

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