#595: 2017.04.23 [julian weaver & jean martin]

this edition, entitled sound little island, has been produced in the uk and france by julian weaver and jean martin. for more information see their respective websites at http://www.finetuned.org and http://www.soundbasis.eu.

notes from the producers:

With the Brexit process in full flow and increasingly protectionist tendencies in the USA, Italy, Poland, Hungary and France, we are reminded of the UK’s former diplomatic policy of so-called ‘splendid isolation.’ Around the same time in France, Joris-Karl Huysmans published the classic À Rebours (1884) in which Des Esseintes ‘travels’ to England, by literary, culinary and other sensorial means, without leaving Paris’; a masterful combination of English mores and excruciating cliché strangely echoed by the rhetoric of the leave campaign. […]

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