this edition, entitled song of the unvanquished, is the second of two produced in the united states by matthew swiezynski, featuring the sound design of the satyajit ray films in the apu trilogy. this edition focuses on the films aparajito from 1956 and andapur sansar from 1959. for more information on matthew’s work, see the artist’s page at http://www.invisiblebirds.org.

producer’s notes:

song of the unvanquished

second reinterpretation of the sound-design in satyajit ray’s apu trilogy, focusing on the films aparajito (the unvanquished) (1956) & andapur sansar (the world of apu) (1959), with music by ravi shankar and sound by durgadas mitra, bishnu paridha, ranajit singha roy, satyen chatterjee, kali das, and robin sengupta. remixed and reimagined by matthew swiezynski.

the transfer/conveyance, mixing, and layering of the soundtrack was guided along the pathways of the sky with attention to these simple ideas :
– reoccurring moments of sound/music
– structural patterns, both simple and complex, broken and unbroken
– repetition used in noticeable ways and invisible ways
– errors or imperfections in editing highlighted and often times exaggerated
– creating trance moments to get lost in, and heighten awareness to what proceeds and follows
– attention to fuzz, scratches and other virtues of 35mm film
– removal of dialogue except for tiny moments that are more musical than narrative

patrick 2017, framework:afield

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