this edition of framework:afield, entitled industries has been produced in germany by regular contributor d. l. lutz.

Earscape „Industries“

This earscape is meant as a sound memorial to the questionable western thinking of progress that has spread worldwide despite all cultural differences. It captures industrial and technical noise, antique machinery and fully automated production lines, turbines and laboratories, active building sites and industrial ghost towns…

The sounds are composed to a „symphony“ with three sections in mind, roughly twenty minutes long each: andante – largo expressivo – andante con moto.

What you listen to here, is the intangible backdrop to the laziness of our civilized life, but also the display of the intelligence and pride of our species – mere noise thus becomes a sweet body of sound, speaking of our self-defence against helplessness and fate.

D. L. Lutz, born 1969 in Germany, is a practising architect, writer and sound artist living in Berlin.

[sound sources]

– Audialsense: Industrial Revolutions; Touch radio #107, from, UK 2014
– Hala Strana: Doves Fielding Coal; from: Fielding, Last Visible Dog Label LVD 066/67, USA 2004
– Industries (various tracks from a sound effect compilation); download from I-Tunes, 2012
– Undark: Underground Kite; from: Undark3396, em:t 3396, UK 1996
– Francisco Lopez: Fahrstühle / Labs / Klokken; from: Machines, Elevator Bath eeaoa030, USA 2010
– Gregory Lenczycki: Variable State Optical Amplifier; from: STC presents Swarm Of Drones, Asphodel 0953, USA 1995
– DJ Chronos: Metal Atmosphere; from, 2008, link deleted
– Pushkin: Whirlydoomer; unknown source
– Charlie Fox: Four Wild Places; from: Autumn Leaves Compilation, Gruenrekorder GrDI 088, Germany 2007
– Edo333: Metallic Gate; file from 2014, from
– Mugwood: Walks On Metal 2; file from, 2011
– dcf77: Sirenentest; file from, 2015
– Connum: Fabrikhalle 5; file from, link deleted, 2006
– Robin Hood76: 00560 Forge; file from, 2008
– Richard Devine: Jacobs Ladder (High Voltage Traveling Arc); file from, 2014
– Camilla Hannan & Tarab (Eamon Sprod): Improvisation; unknown source
– Genghis Attenborough: Pig7 (Nothing Out There) / Sabotage; files from, 2014
– Biosphere: Fluxgate; from: Sound Installations 2000-2009, Biophon Records BIO21D, Norway 2015
– D. L. Lutz: Bansin Building Site I; self-published, 2015
– Swamps Up Nostrils & Vries Veld: Further Explorations; file from, 2012
– Klaus Lutz: Freihafen XI (Rosshafen Hamburg); self-published, 2012
– Michel Redolfi: Une Etoile Cachee Par Sa Propre Lumiere; from: Vox In Vitro (Opera Noir), Signature SIG 11025, France 2004
– Milo: Finmarkken II; file from, 2006
– David Toop: Brandnew; from: 37th Floor At Sunset (Music For Mondophrenetic), Sub Rosa SR 163, Belgium 2000
– Xopher Davidson: Lapsed Transfer; from: STC presents Swarm Of Drones, Asphodel 0953, USA 1995
– Mark Rushton: Service Desk Exit; file from, 2014
– Klaus Lutz: Limbo II; live sound collage from playing “Limbo” (computer game released 2010, developed by Playdead, composed by Martin Stig Andersen)

patrick 2017, framework:afield

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