this edition of framework:afield has been curated by till bovermann and features the participants and sounds from two sonic wilderness interventions: sonic wild code, which was part of the field-notes hybrid matters event that took place in kilpisjärvi in lapland, finland in the autumn of 2015, and the soccos sonic wilderness micro residency on hailuoto island, also in finland. for more information, see

notes from the producer:

Sonic Wilderness Interventions
a compilation edited by Till Bovermann in 2017

In 2015 and 2016, sound practitioners met in Kilpisjärvi and Hailuoto to engage in a series of sonic wilderness interventions with portable electronic instruments. We investigated notions of coexistence, communication and potential for interaction in the hybrid ecology of the sites. Immersing ourselves into vast and raw landscapes, we held and recorded musical conversations with each other and the sites.

Performances and recordings by and with Anja Erdmann, Annie Goh, Antye Greie-Ripatti, Caspar Ström, Darsha Hewitt, Dinah Bird, Inge Vanden Kroonberg, Jacob Remin, Katharina Hauke, Kristina Lindström, Lee Paterson, Peter Kirn, Till Bovermann, and Vygandas Simbelis.

Tracks/locations in order of appearance: Harbour3, Ambiantbirds Shruti, North shore, Organum electronics, Reindeer crossing, Truck dribeby, groupp lunch at Saana, Water below Rakka, Norway beach, Hut wind, Piezo rain, Feedback boat, Lake, Organum voice, Sunikari plants

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patrick 2017, framework:afield

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  1. Like a Steve Reich composition. Continually refreshed the senses and satisfied the expectations. The low frequencies were alarmingly active. Not at all just another rumbly recording. The stereo image moved adequately with always enough space within it to hold each audio component. Lovely surprises at exactly the right moment. Wonderful small humorous stabs of texture.

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