#538: 2015.12.20 [aural tectonics]

This edition of framework:afield has been produced by students of the University of the Arts, The Hage, in conjunction with Raviv Ganchrow’s Aural Tectonics seminar at the Institute of Sonology.

Tramway, 00:55:00, Two channel audio

The following piece is the outcome of an intensive exploration of Den Haag’s tramway. This expansive public transport network, crisscrossing the Dutch administrative capital, constitutes a site where distinctive trolley acoustics cross-fade with every-day rituals, subjective experiences and abstract temporalities. Taking the tram as a ‘site’ rather than merely a sounding object, permits an exploration of the various realms in which this specific form of transport is invested. Each of the eleven contributions, in this fifty-five minute sequence, explore a dedicated context of tramway audibility by developing diverse strategies of recording, editing, audio tweaking as well as sonic intervention. The result is a journey through various manifestations of the Den Haag tramway. From textural and rhythmic studies; to spatiotemporal and psychogeographic mappings; to social contexts and imaginary narratives; the tram is guided along diverse realities that are none the less firmly set in audible tracks. […]

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#537: 2015.12.13

this was a fun show to make – revisiting the great and/oar compilation another kind of language (originally from 2003, now re-released with an extra disc), explored two great new lps from invisible birds, swimming in the buzzing of one of framework’s newest contributors, and my always-favorite segment of the most recent uploads to the aporee soundmaps.

someone asked recently if there was, somewhere online, a 24/7 stream of field recording radio, and it dawned on me that maybe some of you don’t know about aporee’s radio project (hopefully you all know about the maps by now). radio aporee is a 24/7 interactive radio stream, playing a constant mix of sounds from the maps, with occasional interjections from live streaming boxes from around the world, live phone connections, and realtime reactions to where listeners are connecting from. it’s amazing, and when you’re not listening to framework, you should be listening to it. it’s here, and it’s what’s on in our house all the time:


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#536: 2015.12.06 [kate carr]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in belfast by kate carr, using recordings from northern ireland, mexico and spain. for more information visit her website at http://www.gleamingsilverribbon.com.

kate’s piece, entitled solve et coagula, is made up of three sonic transects, titled as follows:

– The trip from my old house in the Belfast countryside to the city centre
– I didn’t get a lot of sleep in Mexico
– From a wind turbine to vultures (a sonic transect of a mountain pass in Velez Blanco, Spain)

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#535: 2015.11.29

our last traveling show for 2015, this one comes to you from a windy back garden in north london, even though we are now already back in the early dusk of estonia, with a handful of snowflakes falling. we are very pleased to present you this week with a new lp of glorious site-specific vocal experiments by stine janvin motland on lasse marhaug’s pica disk imprint, along with a fine collection of online releases by joshua adams acosta, darius ciuta, and luí­s antero. all begun by a framework introduction recorded in our presence in oxford, england by our great friend jonathan coleclough. […]

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#534: 2015.11.22 [slavek kwi]

this is the second of two editions of framework:afield produced in ireland by slavek kwi, aka artificial memory trace.

(mirror image to MM_KONKRETAL)

This piece is emerging from sounds recorded in South Africa during Sonic Mmabolela 2013.

1. Eric Miller (USA): treatments and processes – sometimes extreme – of voice of Francisco Lopez (lecture originally recorded by Kwi during Mamori Sound Project in Brazilian Amazon, 2010)
2. Robyn Farah (South Africa): fragment of metal fence in Mmabolela recording with contact mics.
3. Slavek Kwi (CZ/Eire) = all field recordings (transformed or not), voice (recital of latin names of beetles and short notes in czech language), concept and composition (some material was originally used in Synkronika CD release of AMT).

Created by Slavek Kwi 2015 especially for Framework.
Sonic Mmabolela was organized by Francisco Lopez and James Webb.

for more information see www.artificialmemorytrace.com, and www.francoscolopex.net/field.

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#533: 2015.11.15

a little late getting this show out to you, due to my hectic traveling schedule. today, for example, i had to be treated to an amazing 5 course lunch by a good friend at his wonderful restaurant here in london, and then take a long leisurely walk along a canal. you see what i have to put up with?

but i’m finally back to fulfilling my responsibilities, which include this show for you, and preparing for the rest of my activities here in the uk. yesterday we had a nice talk with students at goldsmiths hosted by john levack drever. early next week i’ll be meeting with students at oxford brookes university hosted by paul whitty, and making an appearance at oxford’s playground event hosted by stavroula kounadea. then next thursday, back here in london, at lcc hosted by cathy lane, be presenting my collaboration with daniel allen, the ongoing work-in-progress documentary film, the mill. come along if you can!

meanwhile, a very long playlist this week with lots of great sounds, including some of my own, which i don’t put into the shows very often, a first look at some of the recent releases on and/oar, as well as works by aino tytti, lewis gilbert, kate carr, mathias delplanque, and more sounds from the aporee soundmaps. […]

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#532: 2015.11.08 [slavek kwi]

(mirror image to MM_ABSTRAKTAL)

Based on various field recordings from Mmabolela wildlife reserve in Limpopo valley in South Africa from some participants of Sonic Mmabolela 2013 and 2014. All comments are left in original
language without translation. In this way all animal and human sounds are equally incomprehensible to majority of listeners. […]

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#531: 2015.11.01

an autumny edition, not much more to say about it: tobias hellqvist, joda clément, sala, adam waugh, viv corringham, fabio r. lattuca and sounds from the aporee soundmaps. enjoy!

meanwhile, this week we officially welcome korppiradio to the framework family. korppiradio is based in helsinki, finland, and streams from http://korppiradio.net. go check them out! […]

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#530: 2015.10.25 [OR poiesis]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in maribor, slovenia, using recordings made in berlin, germany, by OR poiesis:

walking Plänterwald, river Spree, Sonopoetic paths Berlin by OR poiesis
September 6th 2015, afternoon


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#529: 2015.10.18

after a month on the road (business and pleasure) we’re back home in estonia now, where there’s a new-found chill in the air, but there’s still time for the late-season mushrooms in our nearby forest. after a few days dealing with our twelve apple trees we managed to find a colony of funnel chanterelles not yet damaged by the frost. oh yes, and we listened to some new sounds as well…

upon our return we found a small pile of recent releases from the french baskaru waiting for us – in the days of virtual sounds it’s nice to come home to some actual physical objects, with artwork on paper and uncompressed sound. with those we heard a few lovely unreleased works sent to us recently, and another great episode from one of our favorite podcasters, nula. […]

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#528: 2015.10.11 [d.l. lutz]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in germany by regular contributor d. l. lutz. notes from the producer:


In outer space, there is absolute silence – because of the lack of air that could carry sound waves. But it is very intriguing to imagine a music of the spheres, with the “chords” added by man’s attempts to enter this space: the harshness, coldness, absurdity, emptiness of the cosmos. Two main musical sources served as paths into this realm: Biosphere’s much underrated masterpiece “Autour de la Lune”, sampling MIR station sounds and snippets from a radio play of Jules Verne’s “From The Earth To The Moon” (1865), commissioned by Radio France Culture in 2003, and Marc Weidenbaum’s “Disquiet Junto Challenge” #89 dealing with Voyager One’s last signals before it disappeared from NASA’s radars, resulting in many individual musical answers from which I chose a couple of my favourites. Much of the noises heard are of technical nature, but there is also improv jazz, drones, radio excerpts, early computer music, all trying to illustrate man’s alienation when confronted with the cold light of stars. Have a good journey and return safely to mother earth!

D. L. Lutz, born 1969 in Germany, is a practising architect, writer and sound artist living in Berlin. […]

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#527: 2015.10.04

a brief note this week as we’re on the road again, this time in the hazy orchards of normandy, but nonetheless doling out a healthy batch of sounds for your listening pleasure, including several online releases, a real-life cd, and more sounds from the aporee soundmaps. have a listen, and we’ll be back home in estonia before our next regular edition! […]

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#526: 2015.09.27 [flavien gillié]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in belgium by flavien gillié, and features recordings from the anneessens. neighborhood in brussels. for more information see http://www.bna-bbot.be, or see the project’s page on the aporee soundmap here:  http://aporee.org/maps/projects/anneessens.

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