this is the first of two editions of framework:afield produced in ireland by slavek kwi, aka artificial memory trace.

(mirror image to MM_ABSTRAKTAL)

Based on various field recordings from Mmabolela wildlife reserve in Limpopo valley in South Africa from some participants of Sonic Mmabolela 2013 and 2014. All comments are left in original
language without translation. In this way all animal and human sounds are equally incomprehensible to majority of listeners.

1x bell = Jeremy Hegge (Australia)
2x bell = Herbert Baioco Vasconcelos (Brazil)
3x bell = Jean-Baptiste Masson (France)
4x bell = Stijn Demeulenaere (Belgium)
5x bell = Slavek Kwi(Czechie/Ireland)
6x bell = Peter Terner (Hungary)
7x bell = Robert Schwarz (Austria) + voice: David Stalling (Germany/Ireland)
8x bell = David Michael(USA) + voice: Helen Blackhurst (UK/Ireland)

Many thanks to all participants for wonderful sounds!

Compiled and edited by Slavek Kwi, 2015 especially for Framework.
Sonic Mmabolela was organized by Francisco Lopez and James Webb.

for more information see www.artificialmemorytrace.com, and www.francoscolopex.net/field.

patrick 2015, framework:afield

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