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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in croatia by regular contributor manja ristić. for more information on her work see producer’s notes:

dear listeners,

I am always very inspired and happy to contribute to Framework afield. This time, I decided to offer a slightly unusual episode! The mix of conceptual, ambient, improv, and field recording works by some of the most incredible musical minds out there, a kind of alchemical soup in which I am searching for music within music.

This time I came up with a little experiment: juxtaposing a sound piece, “Kuda plovi ovaj brod? Where is this ship sailing”, with the magnificent works of others, by building an emotional palimpsest of moments and places in which all sound works were made, but most of all, by building a mutual content from the psychological material embedded in chosen works. It is a “soundtrack” for a sound piece, made around a very important topic – marine noise pollution and its effects on living systems in the South Adriatic’s littoral belt.

On top of that, I believe the brilliance of sound and music is hidden in all those emotional aspects that make us human. Love, joy, grief, despair, a constant search for knowledge and meaning; intimate existence far beyond quasi-intellectual aestheticisation and fake appropriations, as well as more radical deviations such as mutual hurt and destruction of others, beings, and environments.

Try to listen, as we are all submerged under the surface of the seas and rivers, trapped in the atrocious noise of the Anthropocene.

manja ristić 2023.06

[artist  /  release  /  track  /  url  /  label]

Éliane Radigue – Naldjorlak – 03 Naldjorlak (Los Angeles, 2020) (excerpt)

Manja Ristić – Kuda plovi ovaj brod? Where is this ship sailing?

PINKCOURTESYPHONE – All Intensive Purposes – 05 crushing softness

Aleksandar Škorić – spring rituals – 02 fatima

Verónica Cerrotta – Camadas verticales – 01 Camadas verticales
Sello Postal

PINKCOURTESYPHONE – All Intensive Purposes – 06 comfortable predictability

Seasonal Diary I – Radical Tenderness – 01 Ned Milligan – Two Woods
objects & sounds

Zhe Pechorin – Boundary Lessons – 06 B3. My Sunsets
Etang Brulant

Manja Ristić – tailless tarantella lifted its head – 05 Mostar

Manja Ristić – The Return of Medea – 05 The River Kelvin

李劍鴻 Li Jianhong & 文智湧 Wen Zhiyong & 鄧博宇 Deng Boyu – 歲寒三友 Les Trois Amis de l’hiver – 01 進入河谷的第二束光 The Second Light Shining into the
WV Sorcerer Productions 巫唱片

PINKCOURTESYPHONE – All Intensive Purposes – 04 out of an abundance

patrick 2023, framework:afield

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