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before we get to this week’s playlist: a few days ago, we lost another artist who has been incredibly important to framework radio, and to my personal development as an artist, for years, or rather decades. steve roden was a gentle, open, kind, incredible composer and visual artist with a spectacular ear for detail, texture and structure. his early work as in be tween noise was one of my first discoveries in the world of experimental music as a young hopeful in the 90’s, and his subsequent development of and into the lowercase sound movement under his own name never failed to impress. i never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, despite many failed attempts on the rare occasions when we found ourselves in the same city, but our correspondence over more than 15 years was always encouraging, warming and thought-provoking. steve’s work made regular appearances in the show (the first in one of our earliest editions), he contributed a beautiful program to the first round of our framework:afield series of guest-produced programs, and he graciously contributed a new track to our very first release on framework editions, 2009’s framework250 compilation. steve passed away far too early, at the age of 59. we are heartbroken that we never got to shake his hand.

this show, #857, was already finished and distributed when we learned of steve’s passing. but the next two shows will be tributes to him – first, next week’s edition #858 will be a rebroadcast of steve’s framework:afield program from 2008, in which he mixes voice and his favorite sounds from his personal collection of 78rpm phonograph records. edition #859 will be our own mix of our favorite steve roden / in be tween noise tracks from over the years – if you’d like to nominate a work, or contribute a spoken tribute, or record a special framework introduction for this show, please get in touch. we’d be happy to have your contributions for a tribute to this great artist.

this show, edition #857, our first show back after our summer break, showcases the tracks from our latest edition of framework:seasonal, issue #14, summer 2023. new exclusive works by yen-ting hsu, steve peters, pablo diserens, and were accompanied by recent listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps and a framework introduction recorded in mexico by barry cullen. if you like what you hear, please check out the release on our bandcamp page:

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 03:01  /  barry cullen  /  framework introduction, recorded in mexico

01:52 – 06:16  /  richard camprodon  /  triomphe des sonneurs  /  lorient, fr  /  aporee soundmaps

06:12 – 09:31  /  yen-ting hsu  /  harbour dreams  /  framework:seasonal #14  /  framework editions

08:09 – 22:12  /  steve peters  /  chaud/froid  /  framework:seasonal #14  /  framework editions

19:58 – 25:51  /  curtis james  /  thunder  /  hesket newmarket, uk  /  aporee soundmaps

25:21 – 27:15  /  yen-ting hsu  /  illusive  /  framework:seasonal #14  /  framework editions

26:47 – 40:13  /  pablo diserens  /  waterlilies in fontiform  /  framework:seasonal #14  /  framework editions

39:25 – 43:33  /  andrea gianessi  /  bells, pieve di sant’andrea church, people  /  iseo, it  /  aporee soundmaps

43:05 – 45:06  /  yen-ting hsu  /  sleep talking  /  framework:seasonal #14  /  framework editions

44:36 – 58:05  /  /  liminal phase  /  framework:seasonal #14  /  framework editions

57:55 – 59:00  /  waitandlisten  /  the trumpet from königsse  / königssee, de  /  aporee soundmaps

patrick 2023, framework:seasonal

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