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this edition of framework:afield has been has been produced in estonia by your regular host in celebration of the 21st birthdays of framework radio and resonance fm. it features the first ever 20 minutes of framework radio, with mcginley (sounding remarkably young and unfit for radio) and his original co-host joel stern, originally broadcast on june 14, 2002, followed by a 40-minute birthday special recorded at framework HQ in 2020 and aired on resonance fm, but never aired as part of the regular program. some notes written about the birthday special in 2020:

may 1st was resonance fm’s 18th birthday. june 14th will be framework radio’s 18th birthday. coincidence? not at all – framework was born in the studios of resonance fm in london, as part of resonance’s initial wave of experimental programming on their initially temporary, but soon to become permanent new art radio endeavour. we are proud to have been there at the beginning, and even prouder to still call resonance our spiritual home, even as we now reside in another country and air on 11 other radio stations as well. we wouldn’t be here without resonance fm, and we can’t thank them enough for all the opportunities this wild ride has brought us.

so when they wrote and asked if we could create a special birthday program to celebrate their 18th, we couldn’t say no. it was short notice, and we, like the rest of the world, were in the middle of a lockdown, so we decided to keep it simple, and take our listeners on a sonic tour of our homebase, around the studio, the house, and the garden, listening to sounds we’ve recorded here over the years, reminiscing a bit about our time with resfm, and even meeting our quarantine mates.

so now we’re happy to present this tour to you, dear listeners! ever wondered what an old tv antenna sounds like in the rain? or how banging pots can soothe a restless baby? or how you say ‘happy birthday’ in estonian? well, now all your questions have been answered! enjoy!

patrick tubin mcginley, 2020.05.20
patrick 2023, framework:afield

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