#566: 2016.09.18 [ernst karel]

this is the second of two editions produced in cambridge, massachusettes in the united states by ernst karel. for more information on his work, see http://ek.klingt.org. notes from the producer:

Student compositions made for ‘Sonic Ethnography’, a course offered in conjunction with the Sensory Ethnography Lab in the Department of Anthropology at Harvard University.

Program two:

Making Machines, by Athina Papadopoulou

Sampled: The Boston Hip-Hop Scene, by John Tournas

The Freedom Trail, by Jake Alden-Falconer

for more information on the sensory ethnography lab, see http://sel.fas.harvard.edu.

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#565: 2016.09.11

settling back in after our summer break, this is our first regular edition since july. some lovely recent releases, including two of flaming pines’ latest set of tiny portraits, a collection of compositions made from recordings of the historical machines at bletchley park in the uk (matt parker’s the imitation game), a stunning single field recording sent to us by new contributor world listener, and a dense and complex framework introduction recorded for us by ami wilson, aka kassia flux, who has this to say about it:

…a blend of servo motors and vacuum relays from electron microscopes, liquid nitrogen dewars (pouring and clanging), rotary pumps for glow discharge, and a centrifuge. I use the microscopes to look at tiny motors that propel the swimming filaments of archaea and bacteria for studies in evolution. […]

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#564: 2016.09.04 [ernst karel]

this edition has been produced in cambridge, massachusettes in the united states by ernst karel. for more information on his work, see http://ek.klingt.org. notes from the producer:

Student compositions made for ‘Sonic Ethnography’, a course offered in conjunction with the Sensory Ethnography Lab in the Department of Anthropology at Harvard University.

Program one:

32-0 MECHAN, by José Rivera

Bliss, by Becca Voelcker

Stranger in Between: Pathways of a Graveyard, by Andrea Carrillo

for more information on the sensory ethnography lab, see http://sel.fas.harvard.edu.

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#563: 2016.07.31

so, this is our last show before our annual summer hiatus – we’re taking the month of august off to rest and recharge our ears (and pick mushrooms). we’ll be back with the first new show of the autumn season on sunday, september 4th. in the meantime, to fill the gap, maybe now is the time for you to start playing around with our experimental eternal streaming players, which are incomplete and not up to date, but will still play you a random selection of past framework shows forever if you press play. just click players in the menu above.

but before you do that, enjoy this one last fling, digging back into the to-play pile for some discs that have been waiting some time. so sit back and enjoy them, and we’ll see(/hear) you in september! […]

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#562: 2016.07.24 [blanca rego]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in spain by blanca rego, aka _blank, and it titled around the world in 57 rains. for more information on her work, see: http://www.null66913.net. notes from the producer:

around the world in 57 rains is a trip around the world and the thousands of different sounds of the rain. the trip starts in barcelona, where i live, and it ends in the same place six months later. this travel goes through europe, africa, america, oceania, and asia gathering all kind of rains, from the subtle sound of a few scarce raindrops to the furious noise of the storm. the rumble of rain over earth, sand, ice, metal, concrete, gravel, wood, grass… rain is always different, but always the same. […]

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#561: 2016.07.17 [world listening day]

this week we celebrate world listening day 2016. world listening day falls each year on july 18th, the birthday of canadian composer, listener and thinker r. murray schafer, creator of the term soundscape and founder of the world soundscape project. we’re featuring a selection of his works, along with some spoken word. also, a long form dawn chorus recording by eric leonardson, head of the world listening project, and a selection of recordings from past years’ world listening day soundmaps over at the aporee soundmaps. […]

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#560: 2016.07.10 [jason sloan]

this edition has been produced in baltimore, maryland in the united states by jason sloan. for more information on his work see http://www.jasonsloan.com. notes from the producer:

Harbor Study

Harbor Study examines three different planes of sound throughout the Baltimore Inner Harbor area and the micro sounds unique to each location. The recordings titled “Earth”and “Water” employ the use of granular sampling. This form of sound synthesis captures small samples or “grains” of a live audio signal and splits them into tiny one- to fifty-millisecond pieces and plays them back in real time. This process acts as a sort of microscope for the ears that focuses the listener’s attention to the minutiae comprising each unique sound space. […]

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#559: 2016.07.03

the summer schedule pushes on, as we return from one road trip and begin preparing for the next. we should start preparing you, dear listeners, for our annual summer break: as usual, we will be taking the month of august off from new programming to recharge our batteries and our ears. still several shows left before that happens, though, so fear not. along with several regular editions you can look forwards to framework:afield editions produced by blanca rego and jason sloan, and our annual observance of world listening day. in the meantime you can sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s collection of sounds. […]

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#558: 2016.06.26 [slavek kwi]

this is the third of a multipart series produced by slavek kwi, aka artificial memory trace, entitled soundlife. this is chapter 3, TH RE_ALITY &”I” (THE TRIALITY SONG). for more information, see http://www.artificialmemorytrace.com. notes from the producer:

This is third instalment of another Soundorganism destined for Frameworkradio. These Soundscapes contains sequences triggered by my ordinary and extraordinary Soundenvironments, which includes also creative-process-fragments from my Soundays* and spoken or sang thoughts. […]

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#557: 2016.06.19

this show constitutes something of a travel diary – on june 9th i had the privilege of traveling to hamburg, germany to experience and perform at the blurred edges festival. i took an extra few days after my own performance to see some others and meet some old friends (and make some new ones) and i came home with a nice collection of sounds (from other artists as well as my own recordings). i have built this show from a mixture of the sounds i received as gifts (some by people present, some not), other releases by people i spent time with there, or, in the case of the intro, a sound i recorded myself. there were a lot of folks involved, so this show is quite dense, but i think the density reflects the whirlwind few days spent amongst great people. […]

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#556: 2016.06.12 [dave phillips]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in switzerland by dave phillips. in his words:

57 minutes for framework by dave phillips, march 2016

recordings made november 2015 – january 2016 in
kgalagadi transfrontier national park, northern cape province,
marloth nature reserve, western cape province,
addo national park, eastern cape province,
oribi gorge nature reserve, kwazulu-natal province,
amatikulu nature reserve, kwazulu-natal province,
hluhluwe-imfolozi national park, kwazulu-natal province,
isimangaliso wetland park, kwazulu-natal, south africa,
mmabolela reserve (“sonic mmabolela”), limpopo province, south africa,
in varying topographies and climates, from hot and dry desert (kgalagadi) over hilly forests (marloth, oribi), semi-arid karoo (addo, mmabolela, hluhluwe) to humid forests and wetlands (isimngaliso), with day temperatures between 30° and 43°C.

play loud […]

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#555: 2016.06.05

all the fives this week – that won’t happen again until the controversial edition #666 sometime in 2019, if we make it that far. a long, long list of great sounds for this edition, but we’ve got a few other things to mention first: this week is wgxc’s (broadcasting in the upper hudson valley, new york state, usa) annual pledge drive. wgxc makes amazing radio, and they are our only fm partner station in the u.s., so they really deserve your support. if you value hearing things like framework on fm(!) go and show them you care:


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#554: 2016.05.29 [matthew swiezynski]

this edition, entitled urge along the pathways of the sky and the first of a 3-part series, has been produced in portland, oregon by matthew swiezynski, whose last name i actually know how to pronounce, as completely coincidentally we worked at a cinema together in cambridge, massachusetts in 1996. isn’t it a small world?

matthew, purveyor of the great invisible birds record label, and member of projects such as ingenting kollektiva and community of light, had this to say about this edition:

Urge Along the Pathways of the Sky; being a 57 minute sound experience, obsessively investigating Satyajit Ray’s film Pather Panchali (first in The Apu Trilogy from the year 1955) as source material, with a concentration on sound design and field recording elements from the film. Music by R. Shankar, sound recording by Bhupen Ghosh, Samir Ghosh and Durgacharan Mitra. Mixed by Matthew Swiezynski of the Ingenting Kollektiva. Includes rain, elements, birds, night sounds, trains, fuzz, drone, interrupted music, and speech fragments. Next installment will be the 2nd and 3rd in The Apu Trilogy.

for more information on matthew and his work, see:

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