this edition, entitled urge along the pathways of the sky and the first of a 3-part series, has been produced in portland, oregon by matthew swiezynski, whose last name i actually know how to pronounce, as completely coincidentally we worked at a cinema together in cambridge, massachusetts in 1996. isn’t it a small world?

matthew, purveyor of the great invisible birds record label, and member of projects such as ingenting kollektiva and community of light, had this to say about this edition:

Urge Along the Pathways of the Sky; being a 57 minute sound experience, obsessively investigating Satyajit Ray’s film Pather Panchali (first in The Apu Trilogy from the year 1955) as source material, with a concentration on sound design and field recording elements from the film. Music by R. Shankar, sound recording by Bhupen Ghosh, Samir Ghosh and Durgacharan Mitra. Mixed by Matthew Swiezynski of the Ingenting Kollektiva. Includes rain, elements, birds, night sounds, trains, fuzz, drone, interrupted music, and speech fragments. Next installment will be the 2nd and 3rd in The Apu Trilogy.

for more information on matthew and his work, see:

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