#579: 2016.12.18

well folks, we’ve arrived at the end of another year of framework programming, our 15th, to be precise! we finish this year with a bit of self-promotion, but who can say i don’t deserve it? this week, tomorrow, in fact (from the time of my writing, not necessarily your reading) my new album, my first solo vinyl lp in over 15 years of releasing music, is released to the public by the great gruenrekorder record label, who avid listeners of the show will undoubtedly be very familiar with. songs for forgetting is almost 10 years in the making, and i am very, very excited that it is finally seeing the light of day, and i hope you are too. copies of the vinyl are available from gruenrekorder or directly from me, and the label also has a cheaper digital download version available if you’re not a fan of the vinyl (and i know some of you are not). i hope you’ll listen to the album, and let me know what you think!

so my own horn was tooted alongside some other superb releases, another extremely timely one (we don’t even have a physical copy yet) being stéphane marin’s unfathomless debut. also some older works: a self-released jeph jerman cdr from 2009, another unfathomless release (this one by philip sulidae) from 2014, and some self-released mike kramer works that span a few years, all available on his bandcamp page.  all begun with an introduction recorded on elephanta island in india by regular contributor martin clarke. […]

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#578: 2016.12.11 [d.l. lutz]

this seasonal edition of framework:afield has been produced in berlin by architect, writer, and sound artist d.l. lutz. his notes:

Earscape „Sacral“

Here we are, two weeks before Christmas. And this is why we will go to church and hear some „holy noise“, as R. Murray Schafer calls it. Churches are ritual spaces, and rituals always have an acoustical aspect. Maybe acoustics even dominate every ritual. Churches and organs are definitely built to impress acoustically. Michal Jacaszek from Poland, being fascinated by this aural atmosphere, has made field recordings inside the main churches of Gdansk and reworked them to compositions. I mixed these great sounds with my own field recordings from churches and bells in Germany, with music form Arvo Pärt, Arve Henriksen and others, and with excursions onto church towers and into religious realms further east. This earscape is quite musical and meant to be a soulful companion to the advent season. It is ended by a country gospel intonating „fill me with life anew“ for the beginning of a new year. So relax, light a candle and enjoy some holy noise! […]

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#577: 2016.12.04

our second-to-last regular edition before our annual winter break – featuring three recent physical and digital releases, along with another selection of recent favorites from the aporee soundmaps. again, several of them are marked as ‘anonymous’, which just means the uploader hasn’t registered a username on the maps, and, while i could guess at the names based on the provided email addresses, i’d rather not risk getting them wrong. so if any of these anonymous recordings are yours and you’d like to be credited correctly, just let me know. […]

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#576: 2016.11.27 [yannick dauby]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in taipei, taiwan by yannick dauby. for more information on his work see the following websites:


notes from the producer:

For the last few years, Yannick Dauby & Chien-Chang Yang have been teaching a class about “Soundscape & Sound Art” at National Taiwan University, Graduate Institute of Musicology. These courses are a pretext to engage a group of students, coming from different departments, to experience listening and field recording and to collaborate on sound projects concerning local environment in Taipei.

This year 2016, the students focused on the area of Southern Wanhua called Dongyuan, Shaoxing community and Fuyang Eco-Park. They spent a few months collecting sounds and building some pieces retracing their perceptions of these places. […]

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#575: 2016.11.20

several recent arrivals that i’m really enjoying here at the moment: his first appearance on our airwaves, id m theft able’s no was, if i understood correctly, a live on-air radio performance, using electronics and elements of the studio itself (field recording? why not?) which was created over the course of the recent u.s. election night (which is as close as you’ll ever see framework to being political). and kiyoharu kuwayama (aka lethe) has produced one of those very rare things – a release that sounds beautiful while also being a beautiful object: a lathe-cut clear 10″ vinyl record in a hand-painted sleeve, a reminder as to why we shouldn’t turn our backs on physical releases. we also partake of a series of recordings from an australian cricket ground (martin kay), some environmental-instrumental duets (tamtam), a work from the recent radio revolten radio art festival (absolute value of noise), and an intro recorded in the united arab emirates featuring, not playing children, but white-handed gibbons. […]

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#574: 2016.11.13 [slavek kwi]

this is the fourth of a multipart series produced by slavek kwi, aka artificial memory trace, entitled soundlife. this is chapter 4: INTERMISION (NOISEPHASE). for more information, see http://www.artificialmemorytrace.com. notes from the producer:

Chapter Four from Soundlife of Slavek Kwi, radio-series

This is fourth instalment of another soundOrganism destined for Framework radio. These Soundscapes contains sequences triggered by my very ordinary and extraordinary soundEnvironments, which includes also creative-process-fragments from Sounday*s and spoken or sang thoughts.

Today, 5.11.2016, was my first Sounday* since July. I relocated then to eastern Clare, closer to western Atlantic coast of Ireland. We love it here. For the moment we are spending a lot of time renovating and updating house. We have here even separated studios from converted double-garage, wonderful prospects! […]

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#573: 2016.11.06

we try to make space for all the (appropriate) submissions we receive on our airwaves, but the pile of cds in our studio keeps getting taller, and the folder of files on our hard drive keeps getting bigger. of course we’ll never succeed in playing everything, especially since we tend to focus on only 3 or 4 releases per show, but please know, we do try, and we never throw anything anyway! as evidence of that, we present this week’s show, featuring one submission from 2014, and one from, wait for it, 2005! ok ok, it’s not really a submission from 2005, but it’s a release from 2005, submitted to us a few years later, but regardless, it’s been waiting a long time. so if you’ve submitted material in the past and it hasn’t yet made it into a show, please don’t be offended, and certainly don’t be disheartened – send us a little reminder to say you’re still waiting and listening, or send us something newer instead, and we WILL get to it. […]

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#572: 2016.10.30 [thomas park]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the united states by thomas park, aka mystified. for more information see his website at http://www.mystifiedmusic.com.

notes from the producer:

I call these sounds a ‘Music Of Poverty’– that seems apt, given that they were recorded in my low-rent apartment in South Saint Louis many years ago, when I had little money– and more time to record. Taken individually or mixed, I feel these recordings convey some sense of place, and of lifestyle. They also capture quite literally some of the peculiar sounds I found at Brannon and Chippewa. Listen, and imagine you are alone in the city, and poor– with only the leaky pipes as your companion.

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#571: 2016.10.23

no sooner have we begun describing estonian autumn than winter hits with a bang – october 25th and the ground is already white with snow! will it last is the next question, perhaps autumn will return…

meanwhile our aporee soundmaps segment provides us with some decidedly un-wintery sounds this week, with south african dawn choruses, australian spring winds, american wildlife… we are also following an unusual boat, inhabited by the two artists who are kg augenstern, on a trip from berlin to paris, which has been decked out with long antennae (‘tentacles’) to ‘play’ the bridges that it passes under along the way. and we return to an older work that we never got to by one of our favorite artists, as mark vernon presents us his static cinema. we also sample the first sounds to land on our airwaves from belarus, from the haze netlabel, some collaborative sounds by peter kutin, florian kindlinger and christina kubisch, and a documentation of a performance in poznan, poland by uro ruro, recorded by monika pich. […]

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#570: 2016.10.16 [jim haynes]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the united states by jim haynes, and features his own recordings of long, medium and shortwave radio signals. for more information on his work see http://www.helenscarsdale.com/haynes.

[time / recording / location / date]

00:00 – 01:20 / framework intro
01:20 – 03:03 / announcement
03:03 – 05:20 / ham radio communication / middle tennessee / summer 2003
05:20 – 06:40 / radio relay / northern california / november 2010
06:40 – 08:45 / 26950 kHz interference from intercom system / netherlands / may 2016
08:45 – 09:30 / 8008 kHz rtty transmission / northern california / april 2016 […]

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#569: 2016.10.09

autumn is falling here in southeast estonia: leaves are no longer green and frost is coming. lots to do to prepare for winter – apples to gather, firewood to stack, last mushrooms to hunt… autumn prevails in this week’s show, if not literally in the recordings, then somehow in the mix. stay warm and enjoy.

mode analogue starts us off with a wonderful framework introduction recorded in cambodia; alan courtis, from argentina, has collaborated with the american artist cyrus pireh to extract sounds from a bottle of malbec wine; mblackwell constructs a collage of his spanish field recordings; jana irmert presents her debut album of field recordings and vocal textures; dawn scarfe contributes her chapter to simon whetham’s corollaries series of collaborative works from estonia; michael gebel brings us some found sounds and moments from his immediate environment; and the aporee soundmaps provide us with another set of recent favorites, including our first ever recording from the united arab emirates. […]

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#568: 2016.10.02 [joaquí­n gutiérrez hadid]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in buenos aires, argentina by joaquí­n gutiérrez hadid. for more information on his work see: http://jgutierrezhadid.tumblr.com. notes from the producer:

Movable type is a site specific work about a famous Chinese restaurant in Buenos Aires that has closed its doors. The survey explores the imaginary related to immigration, otherness, private and public space.

All source material was recorded between 2012 and 2015 at Shi Yuan restaurant.

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#567: 2016.09.25

the return of our aporee soundmaps segment, plus our first framework introduction from hong kong, along with some previously unreleased water compositions by eric la casa, a one-sided new year’s eve 7-inch from russia, a not-so-new collaboration between jason kahn and asher, some anthropocene installation sounds from finland, and a recent release from the prolific celer. […]

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