this edition of framework:afield has been produced in taipei, taiwan by yannick dauby. for more information on his work see the following websites:


notes from the producer:

For the last few years, Yannick Dauby & Chien-Chang Yang have been teaching a class about “Soundscape & Sound Art” at National Taiwan University, Graduate Institute of Musicology. These courses are a pretext to engage a group of students, coming from different departments, to experience listening and field recording and to collaborate on sound projects concerning local environment in Taipei.

This year 2016, the students focused on the area of Southern Wanhua called Dongyuan, Shaoxing community and Fuyang Eco-Park. They spent a few months collecting sounds and building some pieces retracing their perceptions of these places.

by Cheng Ching-Yuan (鄭晴元), Wang Chie (王婕), Matthias Wiklöf (黎昕)
Religious belief matters in our life in Taiwan, especially Taoism, which does affect us in many aspects not only mentally but also on many traditional practices. In this project we try to record how Taiwanese people interact with gods in the urban side,Taipei. Sometimes we cast the moon blocks to ask for an answer, while some gods may borrow one’s body to transmit his or hers indication. Gods are real and people rely on them.

By Feng Tian-Yen (馮天彥), Simon Zoller
This project through different sounds to describe the soundscape of Dongyuan elementary school. We find the most interesting sounds in the school and use them to construct an “abundant sound story”!

By Ilya Yerashevich, Chang Chia-Yen (張嘉宴), Chen Yi (陳奕)
Travelling through the time we can find, that one place can sounds absolutely different on different pieces of the timeline. But let’s try to travel through the space, sticking the present. Me, staying inside, people on the street, passing by my house, people in the cars or in the shops, flying over helicopter or a homeless, sleeping on a bench in a garden. We are all here, we can see each other, and also at the same time we can hear the same sounds… but how do we listen to them? How do the mixed, influenced by the location and one another?
One afternoon in Taipei, Southern Wanhua.

By Michael Cliche, Zhao Xiangyu (趙翔宇), Wang Yinong (王亦穠)
Fuyang eco-park is the only one eco-park in Taipei,which was transform form the demilitarized zone in the year 2006 at the Fuyang mountain. The eight parts of the park own 331 kinds of plants and a large number of animals such as tree frog, butterfly and large intestine. Our group choose different time and different weather to recorded the sound of this park and expect to show the relationship between people and environment. Our recording is basically the general feeling we experienced at Fuyang Ecological Park. We show how the human being is trying to collaborate with nature to model the world. The first part of our project is merely nature sounds. It is then followed by a part with more human sounds layered with crickets, birds and water. The last part represents the artificial world humans are gradually creating by altering the environment.

By Chen Wei-Yun (陳薇韵)
In Dongyuan, Southern Wanhua, Taipei.
What do you think if someone ask you about “washing the sprouts”?

Chang Kai-Tang (張凱棠), Geneva Lau Lai-Yi (劉麗怡), Wu Meng-Lin (吳孟霖)
We decide to give a title as `Bridge` ,because of the connection of various people`s life. We can find varied activities taking place in and around the bridge. So we want to edit the sound clips to showing how the bridges do `bridge` the people and the environment. we revise After half of the record to make the footprint much clear.

patrick 2016, framework:afield

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