this edition of framework:afield has been produced in spain by blanca rego, aka _blank, and it titled around the world in 57 rains. for more information on her work, see: http://www.null66913.net. notes from the producer:

around the world in 57 rains is a trip around the world and the thousands of different sounds of the rain. the trip starts in barcelona, where i live, and it ends in the same place six months later. this travel goes through europe, africa, america, oceania, and asia gathering all kind of rains, from the subtle sound of a few scarce raindrops to the furious noise of the storm. the rumble of rain over earth, sand, ice, metal, concrete, gravel, wood, grass… rain is always different, but always the same.

[artist – track (location).]

blanca rego – rain02092015bcn (spain).
félix blume – rumble of the rain in africa during the rain season (mali).
dave rose – amb ghana rain, vox, goats 1 lb (ghana).
andré g. pinto – wind and rain storm close by praia da foz (portugal).
félix blume – thunderstorm, rain and hail on the mountain of the high atlas (morocco).
felicity ford – rain on the car roof (uk).
mikael fernström – thunder02 (ireland).
javier herrera – 20090826 storm night 01 (iceland).
jeo – east greenland ittoqortoormiit 20060915 (greenland).
steven rowell – north atlantic thunderstorm on fogo island (canada).
horacius – averse à cap chevalier (martinique).
vitor brauer – rain on mateus leme (brazil).
nico auvieux – lluvia sobre chapas, tucuman (argentina).
josé manuel páez moncaleano – se vino la lluvia (colombia).
gabriel josé bolaños – dr0000_0021 (nicaragua).
seth chrisman – thunderstorm 24-05-2009 (mexico).
liam nixon – rain from in the rv (usa).
diana peña – contact mic raindrops (new zealand).
chris mumford – rain (australia).
mikolaj tersa – rain drain (japan).
benigno moreno – 0365 storm rain (south korea).
rtb45 – bali night rain (indonesia).
wu tsan-cheng – thunderstorm (taiwan).
c-drík fermont – thunder – guangzhou – china – harder rain (china).
flavien gillié – luang prabag, sisavong road, rain (laos).
c-drík fermont – heavy rain (malaysia).
kijjasak kijjaz triyanond – 20120202 bangkok thunderstorm (thailand).
espaces sonores // stéphane marin – esplanade theatre on the bay – tropical rainy day (singapore).
sudipto roy – rains@ calcutta@ may 192013 (india).
matthew sansom – rain cascade (uzbekistan).
dmitry urupin – thunder-storm in moscow on may 12 (russia).
flavien gillié – rain drops – gouttes de pluie (turkey).
c. ruetsch – malenki-minki / storm (ukraine).
andrzej maciejewski – rain and thunder storm (uganda).
john grzinich – wld 2015 rain on a metal roof (finland).
patrick mcginley – quartet for rain gutters, frogs, electricity substation, and distant nightingale (estonia).
sala – bistrampolis, lithuania (lithuania).
radio continental drift – thunderstorm (zimbabwe).
maciej janasik – dynamic rain (poland).
donavin – 4 december hail and thunderstorm (south africa).
chloé despax – bells and rain (greece).
françois-emmanuel fodéré – rain (albania).
zoltan csengeri – 20th of july morning storm (hungary).
magnus haukaas – rain inside ceiling (norway).
petra kapš – eavesdropping: rain, drops, waves, wind (croatia).
or poiesis – walking, excavated gravel (slovenia).
martin dürr – ambience forest w4tel thunder light rain (austria).
goh lee kwang – darknight: worpswede (germany).
peter kyster – inside car raining outside (denmark).
lab gallery – lab gallery street-room listening sollefteå, percussive raindrops (sweden).
henrik schröder – the city, the country & me: marina, aboard a sailing yacht (the netherlands).
frank schulte – wahlhausen, forest, rain (luxembourg).
peter caeldries – rain on woodand plants (belgium).
giovanni raciti – rain in the walled-in gutter (italy).
finn fennec – heavy rain (switzerland).
florence artur – pluie (france).
blanca rego – rain19032016bcn (spain).

patrick 2016, framework:afield

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