this is the third of a multipart series produced by slavek kwi, aka artificial memory trace, entitled soundlife. this is chapter 3, TH RE_ALITY &”I” (THE TRIALITY SONG). for more information, see http://www.artificialmemorytrace.com. notes from the producer:

This is third instalment of another Soundorganism destined for Frameworkradio. These Soundscapes contains sequences triggered by my ordinary and extraordinary Soundenvironments, which includes also creative-process-fragments from my Soundays* and spoken or sang thoughts.

“Th Ality” Re_Visited after 20 years**. Th Re_Ality & “I”. Th Re-re_Ality. Repeat. Re. Paradox. Alpha 00. Alpha 00. Signal received from Outer Re_Ality: Don’t cry, Earthling! Jokwi has sometimes rather scary night-terrors. However, since we recorded it once by accident – it is diminishing. It became obvious, that he needs to be awaken and re-settled back in his natural environment – our home. Ah! I just realized: sounds generated by Kwiboys and birdsongs seems to be omnipresent in my Soundlife! Is it some unconscious attempt to perceive jabbering of juvenile humans as dawn chorus of birds?

Sometimes I record whole Sounday: I place ambient microphones in the room – it records everything while I am listening and editing on computer, saying out-loud thoughts (vocal notes) or manipulating SoundObjects. You can hear Jakwi and Jokwi drifting in and out of my studio and activities in the house.

And dawn chorus? Lately we had really great weather altered with few electric thunders – very unusual here in Eire actually, so I left recording equipment in the garden very early morning for some hours a few times …

“Talking is the best thing for a loneliness”, a-capella song by Mr. X, my client in psychiatric hospital in Dublin. We are working together since a few years and we have recorded hundreds of songs, Mr. X is incredible improviser. The other vocal contributions are from Helen Blackhurst and myself reading or singing texts of Molly Vienka Harrison, the residues from Chooltd by Linda O’Keeffe and fragment from phone message by Helene Hugel.

Introducing fragments from ongoing collaboration with Radboud Mens (Netherlands) and Metek (Sweden), both amazing sound-friends and composers. Then Shakuhachi material for future collaboration from Vlastislav Matousek (Czechia), in-mixed here basically unedited. The other flutes, whistles, feedbacks and sounds are produced by myself and Kwiboys …

For all my friends, unfriends and not friends yet. And thanks to Patrick – again, third times charm …
*Sounday is singular unit of Soundlife, events within are a Re_Ality Particles.
**Th Ality Absfract was first CD release of AMT in 1996 on Audioview, sublabel of Lowlands from Belgium. This chapter is also dedicated to Tom De Weertd, the dreaming man behind Lowlands, R.I.P.

patrick 2016, framework:afield

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