#732: 2020.11.01 [thomas park]

Thomas Park and his wife Torrey are very happy with their abode– since moving in nearly 5 years ago, their favorite thing to do is to stay at home, visit one another and get things done.

You will likely never visit their home in Saint Louis, unless you know them personally.

Thomas wanted to express some of the joys of his house sonically– to invite others in to listen to the sounds that he experiences often in his favorite habitat.

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#731: 2020.10.25

not a lot to add this week – autumn sounds for autumn weather; the air is crisp and framework’s sauna-studio is cozy, but the shortening of the days (and changing of the clocks) is noticeable in the general atmosphere. pigeons, refrigerators, traffic, trains and trash all feature in this week’s show. light the fire and enjoy the sounds.

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#730: 2020.10.18 [ian-john]

And so,…how do recordings of sounds found in the environment function for various people? What kind of interactive possibilities arise? 8 sound artists and improvisers were invited to make sounds in response to a collection of recorded found sounds. In this program you can hear both the original recordings and the artists’ sonic interpretations.

현장녹음소리에서 인터페이스으로::Field_to_Interface

Guidance for participants::

First, listen to the sounds I have sent you, and think about how your sound making relates to it.
Next, use the sounds like a score and, part by part, build some kind of response using whatever stands out to you as a cue. Lastly, when ready, using a headphone on one ear and having one ear naked, simultaneously listen to and respond to the score…that’s enough. […]

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#729: 2020.10.11

lots of projects we want to say something about this week – we absolutely love vilde&inga’s upcoming release (their 3rd, apparently, although the first we’ve heard) how forests think. vilde&inga is a norwegian improvising string duo (violin and double bass) who record their works in various non-studio locations (reminiscent of the classic kiyoharu-kijima releases from the early 2000’s). on this double-cd release those locations are in and around the city of oslo, on the docks and in the forest, exploring and interacting with the natural acoustics of their surroundings.

jimmy peggie explores and interacts with the natural acoustics of his chosen locations, the ghost towns of the state of arizona, manipulating and mixing material gathered in them with his own sonic contributions. and sonicity has gathered together a collection of early morning soundscapes, mostly recorded on international dawn chorus day as part of the reveil 2020 project, and thereby presenting a snapshot of spring sounds during the early days of the covid-19 pandemic. all this, along with a self-released short work by austyn wohlers, recent listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps, and a framework introduction recorded in eastern tennessee by the purveyor of the park70 cassette label, cain blanchard. […]

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#728: 2020.10.04 [martin p. eccles]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by martin p. eccles.. producer’s notes:

“From the start of the UK’s lockdown, every day I walked from my house, for 20 minutes in any and all directions; I mapped my route and recorded my walking. My walking had made Contención Island (contención is containment in Esperanto – an international name for an international pandemic) – and the walking became exploration of my island. I walk until easing begins – 42 days.”

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#727: 2020.09.27

this week, two vinyl releases (kate carr, miki yui), one cassette (philip sulidae), and one cd (robert scott thompson – why does that last one now seem like the most old fashioned of these formats?), all with streamable digital versions with links below, along with new listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps (also with direct links), and an intro by regular contributor barry cullen that has been waiting patiently since 2015 (!) i believe, although my less-than-rock-solid filing methods may have got that mixed up. […]

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#726: 2020.09.20 [k. lutz]

this edition, entitled free port, has been produced in hamburg, germany by engineer, writer and sound artist (and brother of regular contributor d.l. lutz), k. lutz. sound sources: exclusively own material, unedited and unprocessed; recorded around 2010 in the free trade zones of the port of hamburg, germany […]

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#725: 2020.09.13

in this edition amazing new sounds from the gruenrekorder imprint by julia bünnagel, who casts urban surfaces as records and then plays the casts on turntables. also binaural works for dance by bill vine, travels by alëna korolëva, sounds from portugal by emmanuel mieville, sounds from sardinia by monika pich, recent listener chosen favorites from the aporee maps, and an intro recorded for us way back in 2015 by regular contributor ben link collins. […]

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#724: 2020.07.26

we used our last show of the summer to pay tribute to this year’s world listening day, celebrated each year on july 18th. this year we returned to our trusty friends at the aporee soundmaps and dug deep into their WLD2020 project map to make the framework (ahem) for this show. the WLD2020 project map on aporee features contributions recorded on that day from around the world – you can find it here: https://aporee.org/maps/projects/wld2020. we picked 13 contributions from 10 countries from some familiar and some new recordists to our airwaves.

we also listened to recent releases by absolute value of noise collaborating with anna friz, by jen kutler, and by hamed mafakheri. there are bandcamp links to all the releases, and from there you can find links back to the artist and label webpages, and stream of buy the releases yourselves. there are direct links to all the sounds on the aporee soundmaps, or you can find them all on the project map linked to above. and we began our show with a framework introduction recorded for us by james bailey in toronto, canada – you can hear more of his work on his soundcloud page, also linked to in the playlist. […]

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#723: 2020.07.19 [lucio haeser]

My name is Lucio Haeser, I am from Brazil, and today we are going to take a soundwalk along the central streets of Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul, a state that is in the extreme south of the country.

Porto Alegre is the center of a metropolitan region with more than 4 million inhabitants. Here we hear traffic noise, street vendors and people talking. This recording was made on March 6, 2020, when Brazil had not yet realized the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic.

In Brazil, it is said that the year begins in March, right after the summer holidays in the southern hemisphere. The center of Porto Alegre was already noisier, when it really concentrated all business. But here we still have a good sound document of what the city is.

We started walking on Avenida Borges de Medeiros towards Rua da Praia, Voluntários da Pátria and Mercado Público.

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#722: 2020.07.12

the summer drones took me in this mix – distant buzzing from an unidentifiable location, i’m not even entirely sure where they came from. definitely some more lockdown sounds in here, another piece from erstwhile records amplify2020 online festival, this one by vanessa rossetto, an exploration of familiar (to him) space by éric la casa, and an abstract domestic survey by matilde meireles. also (in contrast) some wide-world travels by mark vernon, and sounds of (electrical) failure by jd zazie, a piano being tuned, documented by heitor alves, and our regular segment of listened chosen favorites from the aporee maps.

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#721: 2020.07.05 [brad brace]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced by brad brace, and features sounds from his project belize revisited. for more information see the following link: http://www.bbrace.net/belizerevisited.html. or download the complete pdf book here: http://bradbracebook.store/000pdfs//BZrev1.pdf

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#720: 2020.06.28

it got HOT here this week – it took our minds off pandemics and protests and isolation and made us concentrate on finding some shade and a lake to jump in. the sounds as well seem to have melted somewhat – their edges blurred and they slurred together into a slow moving, cooling mass, hopefully bringing cooler temperatures for your ears. sounds from coventry, uk, where michael lightborne used various mic’ing techniques to record the megastructure of conventry ring road. minimal meditations on passing by canadian composer france jobin. further abstracted soundscapes by chra (christina nemec), urban eden (a collaboration between liz helman and dominic hemy) and simon šerc. more listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps. and a framework introduction recorded in bytom, poland by tomasz pizio. […]

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