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this edition of framework:afield, entitled drone sweet home, has been produced in the united states by thomas park. for more information see producer’s notes:

Thomas Park and his wife Torrey are very happy with their abode– since moving in nearly 5 years ago, their favorite thing to do is to stay at home, visit one another and get things done.

You will likely never visit their home in Saint Louis, unless you know them personally.

Thomas wanted to express some of the joys of his house sonically– to invite others in to listen to the sounds that he experiences often in his favorite habitat.

All of the sounds in “Drone Sweet Home” were recorded with Thomas’ new Zoom Recording device. Some also made use of a contact microphone.

The mixes were created using a Generative Audio Environment, coded in Python, that Thomas calls “Cue 8”. Cue 8 takes source samples, reconditions them into randomized loops, and pulls them in random combinations into a browser-based mixer. The mixes are then recorded in real-time.

Thomas thanks Framework Radio for their continued quality, and all of its listeners for their attention.

Welcome home!

thomas park, 2020.07

patrick 2020, framework:afield

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