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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in south korea by ian-john. producer’s notes:

And so… how do recordings of sounds found in the environment function for various people? What kind of interactive possibilities arise? 8 sound artists and improvisers were invited to make sounds in response to a collection of recorded found sounds. In this program you can hear both the original recordings and the artists’ sonic interpretations.

현장녹음소리에서 인터페이스으로 :: Field_to_Interface

Guidance for participants::

First, listen to the sounds I have sent you, and think about how your sound making relates to it.
Next, use the sounds like a score and, part by part, build some kind of response using whatever stands out to you as a cue. Lastly, when ready, using a headphone on one ear and having one ear naked, simultaneously listen to and respond to the score…that’s enough.

Participants::(8 improvisors as two groups of four)::
January 2020:: Eunjoo Cho (Korea), Hyosook Kim (Korea), Leighton Arnold (Australia), Ian-John (NZ).
May-July 2020:: Rui Inaba (NZ), Taekyung Seo (Korea), Chrissie Butler (NZ), Kieran Monaghan (NZ).

Field recordings found and recorded in Korea by Ian-John

Ian-John was born in Auckland and currently lives in South Korea. The Sounds colonize his time, abuse his income and unrelentingly exploit him to multiply and reiterate themselves across time-space…merely in vain defiance of oblivion.


ian-john, 2020.07

patrick 2020, framework:afield

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