#786: 2022.01.30 [nils mosh]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in germany by nils mosh. for more of his work see https://soundofessen.com/. producer’s notes:

Comissioned by the Emschergenossenschaft U was exploring the soundscape of the Emscher River and making its conversion audible – from an open wastewater channel to a renaturalized and diversely revitalized watercourse. As of the end of 2021 the Emscher is officialy free of sewage, so my recordings of the dirt water are the last audio document of 100+ year history of the dirtiest river of Germany. In my two minute collage on Youtube (https://youtu.be/QNll4Ps8sJU) you can listen to a comparison between the dirty and the clean Emscher. In this radio program you can listen to some of the sounds in detail, hear sounds from my recordings along the 80km long river, that didn’t make it into the original collage and get more information on the river, background stories from the recordings and insights on my approach to listen to the now most expensive river of Germany.

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#785: 2022.01.23

i love it when i discover that artists whose work i love know one another and are working together, as has happened with my discovery of yen-ting hsu’s collaborative recording documents with yannick dauby – 2 volumes of recordings from chiayi in southern taiwan. we’re exploring vol.1 in this edition, and we’ll come back for vol.2 some time in the coming months.

we’re also listening to some fine minimal textures on a new self-release by willem sannen, a short work on cronica electronica by miguel a. garcia, an unreleased work which can be heard on soundcloud by mathias guilbaud, a gem in the prolific output of canadian label empreintes digitals by roxanne turcotte (is anyone else reminded of totoro’s flute playing at the debut of her track les oiseaux de nias?), an audio portrait of the river in the hometown, the charles, by ana laura malmaceda, and a nice old-time mountain music intro recorded for us in athens, alabama (yes, there’s one there too) by ben link collins.

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#784: 2022.01.16 [france jobin]

Bonjour, I am France Jobin, Welcome to these are a few of my favorite things.
As mentioned in earlier installments, my interpretation of field recording based works is very broad. however, the thread I like to follow is to find artists who have mastered their unique identity through the music of sound.
With this edition of my favorite things, it is my pleasure to showcase sound artists from Medellin, Colombia.

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#783: 2022.01.09

happy new year! we’ve had a refreshing few weeks off, but we’re back now with a full schedule of new material, guest producers, and plans for 2022. we’re getting off to a running start with our first show back, which began with a healthy dose of skepticism by a perhaps unwilling listener, before moving us through sounds from the uk, france, norway, the us, greece and saudi arabia.

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