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we can’t start this playlist off without publicly acknowledging the horrors happening in ukraine right now and expressing our solidarity with the ukrainian people and their undeserved struggle. we know most of you have already seen calls for donations and there are many opportunities local to where you may be to volunteer your time and effort, but here we’ll just pass on one more effort of possible interest to framework listeners, a way to financially support ukrainians on the ground and simultaneously devote your ears to some ukrainian listening: kate carr‘s flaming pines imprint released this compilation of ukrainian experimental music back in 2019, and at present all proceeds from it’s sale are being donated to the ukrainian army and its support funds:

so please, if you were considering donating to framework this week, go and buy this album instead.

this edition of framework:afield was produced in croatia earlier this year by manja ristić. for more of her work see

[artist – release – track]

Manja Ristić – upublished – The Arctic

Abby Lee Tee – At The Beaver Lodge I – Family Breakfast in Winter

Rastko Lazić – Loss Of Balance – Piano One

The Howlite – The Disappearance of a Cloud – Shores

Manja Ristić – unpublished – Wood on Stone

Rush Falknor – extended musik & auditory dissection – Pearl Of Price

Manja Ristić – unpublished – Walk from Dlana, Silba island

Liz Helman – The Yearning – Lithium

Mark Vernon – In The Throat Of The Machine – Tongue of Wood

Manja Ristić – unpublished – Dobre vode, Silba island

Katharina Schmidt & Fahmi Mursyid – 52°27’ N 10°59’ W – 03

NASA Sounds – Mercurial EM Noise

Manja Ristić – unpublished – Puntin Masts

Jacqueline George – Untitled – Untitled

Mark Vernon – In The Throat Of The Machine – Dysphonia

Manja Ristić – unpublished – Mistral

NASA Sounds – Jupiter, Cassini, January 2001

Tomáš Šenkyřík – Voda – Potok

The Howlite – The Disappearance of a Cloud – Abyss

NASA Sounds – Saturn & Enceladus, Cassini 2010

Internazionale – Meditations – Lament For Mauritius

Abby Lee Tee – At The Beaver Lodge I – Sleet

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