mooste grid_905tarab, shards of splinters – fragments of scratches/killustiku killud – kriimude killud, semperflorens, 2012

back home in estonia, where autumn has definitely arrived. fires are burning, leaves are turning, and it’s time for apples and mushrooms, keeping us very busy here at framework central. so busy that we have not yet found the time to announce any details for the next edition of framework:seasonal, issue #6, autumn 2013! we hope to get the issue’s info page finished on online this week, but as a teaser we’ll start by giving you at least this much info:

framework:seasonal, issue #6, autumn 2013, coming soon! featuring exclusive works by chris whitehead, david velez, eric la casa, kim walker, mathieu ruhlmann, petra kapš (OR poiesis), sawako, slavek kwi (artificial memory trace) and tessa elieff (tattered kalyor). preorder your copy now by making a donation of 20€ or more on the framework website. support framework now!

meanwhile, we dove into a pile of sounds that have long been waiting patiently for their turn on the airwaves: tarab‘s sounds from his stay here in estonia on the russian semperflorens label; that label’s curator (coincidentally) with his project five elements music as released by the ever-intriguing unfathomless label; the next instance of sebastiane hegarty‘s seasonal soundwalking on gruenrekorder; another offering from the belgian/french collaborative label aposiopèse; and a new unreleased work by french composer emmanuel mieville.

oh, and one more thing: as of this edition we welcome yet another fine radio station to the framework fold! we are proud to now be broadcasting on radio Å¡tudent, broadcasting at 89.3fm in ljubljana, slovenia, and of course streaming live from their website here. that makes 10, folks! 10 fine radio stations around the world taking this show to new ears. let’s make it more! if you think your favorite local radio station would be interested in adding framework to its broadcast schedule, put us in touch!

(time / artist / track / album / label)

00:00 – 05:12  /  martin hogg  /  framework introduction

03:52 – 12:02  /  julien beau  /  reflet  /  reflet  /  aposiopèse,

08:25 – 20:36  /  five elements music  /  rishikesh  /  rishikesh  / unfathomless,

17:00 – 29:01  /  sebastiane hegarty  /  [extract 1]  / four walks around a year: summer  /  gruenrekorder,

22:46 – 34:32  /  tarab  /  [track 1]  /  shards of splinters – fragments of scratches / killustiku killud – kriimude killud  / semperflorens,

27:22 – 37:01  /  emmanuel mieville  /  lift me up  /  -  /  –

32:46 – 37:49  /  julien beau  /  ecmnésie  /  reflet  /  aposiopèse,

35:53 – 48:44  /  sebastiane hegarty  /  [extract 2]  / four walks around a year: summer  /  gruenrekorder,

42:02 – 53:09  /  five elements music  /  vrindavan  /  rishikesh  / unfathomless,

44:15 – 55:00   /  tarab  /  [track 3]  /  shards of splinters – fragments of scratches / killustiku killud – kriimude killud  /  semperflorens,

50:50 – 57:00  /  julien beau  /  reflet  /  reflet II  /  aposiopèse,

patrick 2013, regular edition

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