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this edition of framework:afield, entitled taiwan soundmap 2011-2013 compilation 1, has been produced in taiwan by wu tsan-cheng. notes from the producer:

台灣聲音地圖計劃  Taiwan SoundMap Project
Sound and Taiwan :

Sound has a hidden latent strength of flow, it activates space and events, and forms an essential part of a personal inner life of emotions, and the world of thinking and consciousness of the basic components.

Taiwan sound map project was officially started in December 2011, is expected to last seven years, and gradually document the environmental sounds recorded in Taiwan. The first year program took northern Taiwan as the main recording area, but also other areas in recent years, finishing the recordings. 2014 recording moves to eastern Taiwan and the outlying islands. We hope through this itinerary to highlight the highly developed city state and the ground level voice sounds of remote towns as a contrast.

The broadcast content:
1 ‭. ‬ Urban Mobility way 12 ‘: 16”
2 ‭. ‬ Semi-natural 16 ‘: 15”
3 ‭. ‬ Passion in Life 10 ‘: 55”
4 ‭. ‬ New tradition 15 ‘: 34”

In 2011-2013 years recorded sound as material, editing a lot of material to preserve the original recording without any modulation:

The first part : Taiwan’s public transportation system sound as editorial content.

The second part : Taiwan’s natural ambient sound content material, the recording process is not deliberately directed, only natural sounds as the protagonist, but the entire body of recordings documents as much as possible the natural environment and the comparison of the state of environmental hygiene.

The third part : daily life sound for the material, such as market, mass social movements or park dialogue and so on. Editorial voice as much as possible keep the Taiwan discourse between environment and atmosphere.

The fourth part : the ceremony to present the traditional activities, such as temple festivals, Longshan Temple chanting and Funeral ceremony sounds.

吳燦政  Wu, Tsan-Cheng



1‭.‬Urban Mobility way   12’ :16’’
2‭.‬Semi-natural   16’ :15’’
3‭.‬Passion in Life   10’ :55’’
4‭.‬New tradition   15’ :34’’



吳燦政  Wu,Tsan-Cheng

patrick 2013, framework:afield

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