this edition of framework:afield, entitled earscape: time has been produced in germany by regular contributor d.l. lutz, a practising architect, writer and sound artist living in berlin. from the producer:

Earscape „Time“

Time is a strange phenomenon – it can be measured to the nanosecond, and yet its experienced length is variable like the length of a chewing gum; time is inscribed in our senses so deeply that we cannot imagine timelessness, and yet in some extreme physical situations it is completely meaningless. So how can aspects of time be expressed with sound?

This earscape tries to find an acoustical expression for some associations with time and uses various works: minimalist music, field recordings, pieces that stretch, compress and phase time like Brian Eno’s reworkings of Pachelbel concerts, and as keystone compositions the great revised Chronostasis suite by Andreas Bick who attempted to create a sonic memorial for all (soon to be extinct!) mechanical chronometers.


  • C. P. McGill: Tripitaka (contribution to disquiet Junto challenge 0018); disquiet.com, 2011
  • Andrew Poppy: Cadenza; from: The Beating Of Wings, ZZT 1985
  • Acclivity: The Pips; freesound.org, file 69190
  • Andreas Bick: Dripping (contribution to Wet Sounds Festival); andreasbick.de, 2008
  • Andreas Bick: The Drip beim Hering; andreasbick.de, 200
  •  Andreas Bick: Chronostasis (Revised); bandcamp.com, 2013
  • All N4tural: The Plane Had Gone To Ground Near the Sound Of Running Water (contribution to disquiet Junto challenge 0029); disquiet.com, 2012
  • Speedenza: Innocent And Beautiful 1; freesound.org, file 167619
  • Inchadney: Grandfather-Clock; freesound.org, file 109232
  • Drem Bruinsma: And She Forgot; from: Six Reels Of Joy, Materiali Sonori 1991
  • jmorrisoncafe: space-wind-long; freesound.org, file 117582
  • Frank Niehusman: Overdrive Boulevard (2 Versions); from: 90 Sekunden Wirklichkeit, Cybele Records 2005
  • D. L. Lutz: Trarbach Forest; self-released, 2012
  • Karl-Heinz Schöppner: Birds, Rendered, With Clicks; from: 90 Sekunden Wirklichkeit, Cybele Records 2005
  • Chris Watson: Cassarina; from: Star Switch On, Touch Tone 18, 2002
  • Chris Watson: The Galapagos Islands – An Audio Diary; Touch Radio, 2005
  • Brian Eno: French Catalogues; from: Discreet Music, Editions EG 1987
  • Bad Data: One By Four By Nine; from: em:t 5595, 1995
  • Beatsystem: Endlessly Downward; from: em:t 5595, 1995
  • Philip Goddard: Wind Chimes At Teign Gorge; freesound.org, file 18090
  •  Tuonela: Mood Swings (contribution to disquiet Junto challenge 0057); disquiet.com, 2012
  • DJ Cheb I Sabbah: Hamam (Bloody Angle Mix); from: Swarm Of Drones, Asphodel 1995
patrick 2013, framework:afield

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