this edition draws our spring fundraiser to a close – for the rest of the season we’ll be scaling back our constant shouting about donations and subscriptions, but that doesn’t let you off the hook! we still can’t do this without you, and so one last time, before we leave you in peace, we’re prodding you to consider becoming a framework supporter. we’ve only had one new monthly subscriber sign up during this fundraiser – come on people! we know you’re listening! we suspect you like what you hear! so show us you care! 10€ per month, 5€ per month, even 1€ per month, in exchange for 4 hours of great radio! it’s nothing, right? or if you can’t manage a monthly contribution, you can still make a one-time donation, and every little bit helps. so visit the framework website, and look at the donations bar on the right. click, and give! we need you!

in this edition we heard the final 3 contributions to issue #4 of our framework:seasonal series, by terje paulsen, luís antero, and maile colbert. we return to regular programming now, but issue #4 of our series will remain available from the framework website, if you haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet. we’re very proud of this one, and we think you’ll like it to. but don’t take our word for it – chris whitehead recently posted this review to the wonderful field reporter blog:

we heard two other releases in this edition, both of which we like a lot – marc behrens recent release queendom maybe rise, composed from ‘contradicting elements’ recorded in queensland, australia in 2011, and a collaboration between pascal battus (rotating surfaces, found objects), bertrand gauguet (saxophones, effects) and eric la casa (microphones, recordings) entitled chantier 1. chantier 1 consists of 2 parts, improvised sessions recorded on a working building site, and studio recordings made in response to that building site. the recordings are, as would be expected, impeccable, and the integration of performed elements of the soundspace itself completely intriguing.

(time / artist / track / album / label)

00:00 – 05:04  /  una lee  /  framework intro, south korea

03:22 – 09:19  /  battus, gauguet, la casa  /  [track 3]  /  chantier 1  /  another timbre,,,

06:02 – 12:28  /  marc behrens  /  maybe rise [extract 1]  /  queendom maybe rise  /  cronica,

12:30 – 22:55  /  terje paulsen  /  krs marina winter  / framework:seasonal, spring 2013  /  framework editions,

22:53 – 28:28  /  battus, gauguet, la casa  /  [track 1]  /  chantier 1  /  another timbre,,,

24:15 – 31:18  /  marc behrens  /  maybe rise [extract 2]  /  queendom maybe rise  /  cronica,

31:19 – 41:19  /  luís antero  /  volta de castelo  / framework:seasonal, spring 2013  /  framework editions,

41:20 – 46:55  /  battus, gauguet, la casa  /  [track 5]  /  chantier 1  /  another timbre,,,

44:10 – 49:44  /  marc behrens  /  maybe rise [extract 3]  /  queendom maybe rise  /  cronica,

49:45 – 54:01  /  maile colbert  /  helen’s hands  / framework:seasonal, spring 2013  /  framework editions,

54:02 – 57:00  /  battus, gauguet, la casa  /  [track 4]  /  chantier 1  /  another timbre,,,

patrick 2013, framework:seasonal, regular edition

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