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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by joseph young. about the show:

On March 11th 2013 it will be one hundred years since Luigi Russolo penned the Art of Noises manifesto in the form of a letter to fellow futurist composer Francesco Pratella. In honour of this auspicious anniversary I will be unleashing a “noise triptych” to commemorate Russolo’s life and work.

First of all, will be a performance of “Cartet” – a quartet for car horns, engines and radios, guerrilla style somewhere on the streets of London (the piece was originally performed at East London Soundscapes on World Listening Day 2010, produced by Fruit for the Apocalypse). Secondly I have been invited to contribute as a guest blogger to the World Listening Project website. I shall be writing about the continuing importance of Russolo’s work for the 21st century. Finally, I have been invited by Patrick McGinley to make a programme about the Art of Noises for framework:afield on Resonance FM and broadcast worldwide.

The contributors are in alphabetical order (and also playing order):
Luís Antero
Steven Brown
Emanuele Constantini
Felicity Ford
Flavien Gillié
Martin Hogg
Una Lee
Eric Leonardson
Udo Noll
Kala Pierson
Taavi Suisalu
Simon Whetham
Joseph Young

more information about the project can be found on joseph’s website:

patrick 2013, framework:afield

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