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this week we continued listening to track from framework radio‘s new fund-raising release, framework:seasonal issue #4, spring 2013. it was officially released on the first day of spring, march 20th, and is ready to wing its way out to you in exchange for your generous donation to framework radio. that’s right folks, it’s fund-raising season! so you’ll have to put up with our begging and whining for a little while longer, because we need your help. here goes:

framework is a lot of work, and we love doing it. but we can’t do it without paying the rent, and we need you, dear listener, to help with that. we don’t expect you to do it for nothing though (ignoring for the moment the hours and hours of great radio you get already), which is why we started the framework:seasonal series. there are 4 great releases to be had in the series now, and the funds that come in from them make framework possible. please, if you enjoy the program, if you listen to it even occasionally, if you would simply prefer to see it keep going than to see it go away, make a contribution. you can make a one-time donation (20€ or more to get a copy of framework:seasonal!) or commit to a regular monthly contribution (5€ or more per month gets you each new issue as they are released!). you can commit to as little as 1€ per month – think about it. that’s practically nothing. but if every regular framework listener would sign up to contribute just 1€ per month i would never have to run another fundraiser again. really folks! you have been very generous, but we haven’t had a single new subscriber sign up during this fund-raiser. consider subscribing to make a regular contribution – it’s easier on the budget and can be a big, big help.

so go to the framework website, make a one-time or regular monthly contribution, whatever you can afford, and show us you care.

this week we heard tracks from our release by yannick dauby with olivier féraud, stefan paulus, and francisco lópez. also great works from seth chrisman, adrian dziewanski, mathias delplanque, and a framework introduction recorded for us under a bridge in castewellan park in northern island by barry cullen.

(time / artist / track / album / label)

00:00 – 03:53  /  barry cullen  /  framework introduction

01:52 – 06:38  /  seth chrisman  /  la resolana  /  aetherdrift, do you copy  /  flaming pines,

04:14 – 09:17  /  mathias delplanque  /  so  /  chutes  /  baskaru,

09:17 – 15:00  /  yannick dauby & olivier féraud  /  thorenc, 5 janvier 2013  /  framework:seasonal, spring 2013  /  framework editions,,

15:07 – 23:58  /  adrian dziewanski  /  [track 1]  /  island terminus  /  gruenrekorder,

16:59 – 25:18  /  mathias delplanque  /  v  /  chutes  /  baskaru,

25:18 – 34:56  /  stefan paulus  /  a journey into a spatial fold  / framework:seasonal, spring 2013  /  framework editions,

34:58 – 40:00  /  seth chrisman  /  nutations abound  /  aetherdrift, do you copy  /  flaming pines,

35:33 – 40:00  /  adrian dziewanski  /  [track 2]  /  island terminus  /  gruenrekorder,

37:12 – 39:50  /  mathias delplanque  /  flo  /  chutes  /  baskaru,

40:00 – 53:57  /  francisco lópez  /  untitled#293  / framework:seasonal, spring 2013  /  framework editions,

53:57 – 57:00  /  seth chrisman  /  LR  /  aetherdrift, do you copy  / flaming pines,

patrick 2013, framework:seasonal, regular edition

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