this edition of framework:afield has been produced in germany by regular contributor d.l. lutz. notes from the producer:

Earscape “Insects”

“Some hear bug music, some hear people music. All depends on your ears,” wrote Wafu in 1866 in Kyoto, according to David Rothenberg. This earscape is meant to zoom you right into the microscopic world of insects.

For a lot of sound artists, this acoustic realm seems to be fascinating – maybe primarily because the different scale of these beings also results in completely different dynamics of movement and articulation. “Insects” concentrates on this aspect; harvestmen fluttering around lamplights, myriads of maggots crawling on a compost pile, orientation flights of bees and cricket talks are examples of the rich morphology of insect sound.

The range of sounds goes from untreated field recordings to highly refined electro-acoustic pieces, like that of Loufopoulos who wants the listener to experience “a journey on the back of a bee”; interlaced are anecdotal and abstract representations of mechanical, animal and human movement that broaden the range of suggestion. Some pieces, especially the older ones like Bouhalassa’s, are produced with considerable technical effort to create soundclouds from single samples before modern software systems easily allowed for these effects.

So join in on an entertaining tour-de-force flight into the realm of bugs and critters!

Sound Sources:

  • Biosphere: Micro Sound (Installation @ La Batie Festival, Geneve, 2002); downloaded from (link deleted)
  • Higher Intelligence Agency / Biosphere: Daddylonglegs; from „Birmingham Frequencies“, 1997, released on Headphone, 2000
  • Touch Radio: Wasp! from
  • Ned Bouhalassa: Move I (Complete Version); from „Aerosol“, empreintes DIGITALes, 1994
  • D. Toop: Nocturnal Service Shaft; from „37th Floor At Sunset“, Sub Rosa 2000
  • Richard Devine: A Thousand Maggots; Soundcloud, 2011
  • Soundscape DJ: Crickets; Soundcloud, 2012
  • Neuroasis: Spring Processed By The Evolving Android Brain (Edit); Soundcloud, 2011
  • Dead Gent: Curupira Comes; Soundcloud, 2012
  • C P McGill: Revenge Of The Lawn; Soundcloud, 2012
  • David Toop: Air-Con Function; from „37th Floor At Sunset“, Sub Rosa 2000
  • Nova Solus: Greenfly; Soundcloud, 2012
  • eSege: Araneomorphae (Edit); Soundcloud, 2013
  • David Toop: 37th Floor At Sunset; from „37th Floor At Sunset“, Sub Rosa 2000
  • Listening Lesang: Crickets, Gainesville; Soundcloud, 2012 
  • Echoes Of Nature: Crickets / Cicadas; Source unknown
  • Naing Naing: Dervish Bee & Wasp Tabla; Soundcloud, 2012
  • Apostolos Loufopoulos: Bee (Edit); from
  • Stelios Giannoulakis: Boiling Insects; Soundcloud, 2013
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