#640: 2018.05.06

a relatively short playlist this week, as we focused on fewer but longer excerpts from some recent releases we’ve really been enjoying; several physical objects, two cds and a cassette (most probably also available as downloads) and one unreleased work as well.
plus, a public apology to hagai izenberg, whose unreleased work spalax you will hear smack in the middle of the show. but i embarrassingly forgot to name him in the list of artists in the show’s audio. it happens sometimes – i’m only human. sorry hagai! […]

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#639: 2018.04.29 [matt burnett]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in germany by matt burnett, and is entitled arbeitspause (‘workpause’ or ‘work break’). for more information see http://www.mattburnettmusic.com. producer’s notes:

During my workday I like to take a break every few hours from sitting at my desk. A few years ago I had the idea to combine these work breaks with miniature sound walks around my neighborhood here in Berlin. After doing that for a while, I settled on three basic routes. What we will hear in this piece is one of those routes.

The material for this piece was recorded during the first half of March 2018, in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin. During this time the weather was beginning to change from winter to spring, and I tried to record the sounds of this neighborhood as it started to wake up from winter. Sort of like a dawn chorus, but in this case more like a Spring chorus.

The piece makes repeated use of the same physical space, defined by the route of the underlying sound walk. Different sound identities of the route, which are determined by the time of day of each recording, are revealed. […]

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#638: 2018.04.22

when we learned of matt shoemaker’s passing last august we made a show in his memory, featuring our own selection of favorites from his impressive body of work. that show can be heard here:


since then many memorials have been in the planning, including an exhibition of his paintings, recordings and photographs that is up now at seattle’s jack straw new media gallery, and a memorial concert that is coming up in just a few weeks. i wish we could be there, but we are far from seattle. however, maybe you are not, and if that’s the case we highly recommend you go and honor his memory and experience the work of an amazing gathering of artists. […]

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#637: 2018.04.15 [d.l. lutz]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in germany by architect, writer, sound artist and regular contributor d. l. lutz, and is entitled Earscape „Rainforest“. producer’s notes:

Earscape „Rainforest“

Welcome to the rainforest. It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s strange. But this is no normal rainforest. It’s an installation of technical objects fed with sounds of all sorts, thus pretending to be exotic animals. More precisely, it is Matt Rogalsky’s version of David Tudor’s composition “Rainforest”, displayed in a large empty water tank in Berlin. I was excited by the organic feel of the installation, so I recorded it and looked for other compositions and sounds that also blur the boundaries between the natural and the artificial. This is the result. As you listen, you can never be sure if you hear nature, processed nature or machines; some animals sound like computers, some computers sound like animals. What a strange world to visit… […]

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#636: 2018.04.08

there’s something different about this week’s mix. not better or worse per se – that is, it’s not for me to judge, that’s your role, dear listener – just different. not sure what; it sounds more thoughtful, perhaps, than our usual clouds of frequency and texture. i know it’s me that makes these mixes, but sometimes they make themselves, and i can’t really follow how it happened. maybe one of you can work it out and let me know… […]

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#635: 2018.04.01 [david clarke]

this edition has been produced in the uk by david clarke, aka iamthehow. for more information see http://iamthehow.com. producer’s notes:

Take some time to unwind and listen to the stories from those who pluck and strum to bring you pleasurable sounds. Come on down with the Cliff Railway from Babbacombe to the secluded beach at Oddicombe where we join the Ukulele Festival – all set to the sounds of the gentle lapping of the waves and the occasional roaring jets of the Red Arrows as they fly high and turn in ukulele formation over this hidden gem on the English Riviera…”

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#634: 2018.03.25

new and old this week, as we explore a few older releases that have now been made available on bandcamp by the and/oar and no rent records labels, alongside the latest release by from gruenrekorder and our latest selection of recent uploads to the aporee soundmaps. stuart dodman’s 2004 release you fill me is a series of works composed from recordings or architectural acoustics, while five elements music (2009) take us into russian forests and howard stelzer (2016) serves up a rumble of cassette noise and neighborhood rattle. meanwhile we explore the sounds of the naturally inaudible, vlf signals, electromagnetic interference, etc, on the brand new double-cd collaborative release by christina kubisch and annea lockwood. all this began with a framework introduction recorded in front or a roaring fire somewhere in ireland. […]

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#633: 2018.03.18 [thomas park]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the united states by thomas park. for more information see https://archive.org/details/ThomasParkBenchmarkHub. producer’s notes:

The subject and content of this program are — machines.

I have been using field recordings of mechanical devices as source material in recent years, and I have created a radio show using works of this nature. […]

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#631: 2018.03.04 [kassia flux]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk, using recordings she made in italy in 2017, by ami wilson, aka kassia flux. for more information see http://kassiaflux.wordpress.com. producer’s notes:

recordings by ami wilson aka kassia flux|from Il Paretaio|stables in tuscany|run by Cristina and Gianni Libardi|
special horse-centric philosophy|super-smiley horses|zero aggression|zero coercion|patience|persistence| […]

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#630: 2018.02.25

it’s been far too long since anything from the great zeromoon label graced our airwaves, and we took steps to remedy that situation this week by sampling 3 of their recent (as in, from the past 2 or 3 years) releases, with still a few more to come sometime in the less-distant future. these works from julie rousse, martyna poznańska, and marta zapparoli provided a very nice framework (natch) on which the rest of the show was built, featuring sounds from one playback of spyros polychronopoulos’ live electronic music, a software-driven soundwork housed in a polycarbonate box that never manifests itself in the same way twice, an unreleased mix by monika pich (available for further listening on her mixcloud page) of location sounds from installations and videos, and our usual selection of listener favorites from the aporee soundmaps. and it all began, from here in the depth of estonian winter (-26C coming this week!), with a very springtime framework introduction, recorded for recently in australia by regular contributor jeremy hegge. […]

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#629: 2018.02.18 [iris garrelfs]

this edition of framework:afield has been curated by iris garrelfs. it features extracts from field recording based compositions created by her phonography students at goldsmiths, university of london. each extract encapsulates the student’s individual approach to exploring some of issues encountered within field recording and soundscape composition practices. the students are, in order of appearance: jack haining, gaspar narby, hee ju Im, marta nowaczynska, lila tristram, federico villella, nicolas robillard, kyuri kim, lewis murray, gabriel manzi, tancrede rouff, alexander berry, samir bouchouat, isaac kniveton, emma clark, eleonora gaspari and samuel hostettler.

for more information see http://irisgarrelfs.com.

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#628: 2018.02.11

i’m two days late getting this show online as it is, so i’ll keep it brief. a long playlist this week, and a dense show, the nervous system of which is made up of selections from a fund-raising release on the störung label, in support of the l’alt empordà  region of catalonia, which was hit by a tornado in january of this year. all proceeds from the release will go towards reconstruction, so go and show your support here: http://shop.storung.com/album/rebuilding-lalt-empord.

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#627: 2018.02.04 [martin eccles]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by martin eccles. for more of his work, see his soundcloud page at https://soundcloud.com/mpeccles. producer’s notes:

Orford Replication

Orford Ness
to river to sea
to landing to lighthouse

SW to the huts
NW along the road to the dyke
turn west

meadow sits by saltmarsh
tidal creek fringes
Orford’s long shingle finger […]

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