this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the united states by thomas park. for more information see producer’s notes:

The subject and content of this program are — machines.

I have been using field recordings of mechanical devices as source material in recent years, and I have created a radio show using works of this nature.

Spoken word in the mix include:

1. Part of the material for Grid Resistor’s “Omega” release (Treetrunk Records, 2017)
2. The audio from my mini-documentary, “Graceful Machines: The Grid Resistor Story”


3. My essay entitled, “A Machine Music Manifesto”, written in 2017

The audio is all Grid Resistor material, created using only high-fidelity recordings of machines.

Tracks include:

1. “6122017 Three”
2. “6192017 One”
3. “6242017 Three”
4. “662017 One”
5. “5292017 Four”
6. “6172017 One”
7. “5162017 Three”

I am curious as to what listeners might think of music made only using machines, and also what they think about the proliferation of technology in our modern world– how to respond to it– whether to promote it or to try to stand in its way.

patrick 2018, framework:afield

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