#626: 2018.01.28

our second regular edition of 2018, and now we’re getting into the swing of things. great new works on helen scarsdale, gruenrekorder, cronica and flaming pines, an intro by dillon vessels, and a collection of recent favorites from the aporee soundmaps. we select sounds from the aporee maps by exploring listener-favorited uploads (there are too many new uploads each week for us to hear them all), so if you’re a user of the maps, do remember to click that favorites button (the little gold star next to the recording title in the pop-up info bubble) when you hear something extraordinary! […]

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#625: 2018.01.21 [stéphane marin]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in france by stéphane marin. producer’s notes:

« re_COMPOSED re_ALITY », a re_COMPOSITION »  by Stéphane Marin

« re_COMPOSED re_ALITY » offers a group of walking listeners the chance to explore a synthesis between a ‘pure’ form of listening to the environment and an enhanced listening experience (using different kind of headphones). At the intersection of field-recording, electro-acoustic, and soundwalk, this performance re-composes live the soundscape. During this walk, a re_CORDIST, and a re_COMPOSER will accompany the listeners, subtly suggesting through their performance ways and directions of listening. They bring us into more direct and more intimate contact with sonic objects, and, step by step, they evolve a soundscape from sonic patterns to be shared with the listeners. […]

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#624: 2018.01.14

happy new year! we are back with our first show of the year, but i am actually on the road myself right now, so i’ll keep this brief and just say enjoy the show! don’t forget that framework:seasonal issue #9 was released just before we took our winter break, with great new works from jonaś gruška, bird & renoult, and fintan o’brien, so show your support for framework by ordering one now! […]

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