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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in seattle, u.s. by steve barsotti, and features the work of the seattle phonographers union. For more information see their website at producer’s notes:

This submission to Framework consists of excerpts from three live recordings of the Seattle Phonographers Union. Each location has distinct acoustic signatures that the group utilized in the performances. We brought sound systems into each of these spaces, carefully positioning the speakers in locations that made best use of the unique reverberations of the spaces.
The first location is in Building 27, a decommissioned Naval aircraft hanger in Magnuson Park along Lake Washington in Seattle, WA. The performers included Perri Howard, Steve Peters, Toby Paddock, Doug Haire, Jonathan Way, Dale Lloyd, Christopher DeLaurenti, and Steve Barsotti.

The second space was in WNP-5, a nuclear power plant cooling tower in the Satsop Business Park in Elma, Washington. This location had the most distinctive slap-back delay/reverb of all the spaces. Sounds seemed to spin around the space as they rose through the tower. The stereo recoding does not fully acknowledge this effect. There was a surround recording but we did not have proper windshields and the recordings are quite distorted.  The performers here include  Dale Lloyd, Christopher DeLaurenti, Pete Comely, and Steve Barsotti.

The last space represented here is the Georgetown Steamplant which provided electricity to Seattle in the early 20th century. This space was filled with various steam plant type pumps, pipes, turbines, etc that added a wonderful intricate reverb to the large cavernous space. The performers that evening were Steve Peters, Doug Haire, Pete Comely, Jake Muir, Mark Cooper, Susie Kozawa and Steve Barsotti.

Excerpts from WNP-5 and Building 27 were released on an LP.
The Georgetown material has never been released and the work for this Framework submission consists of excerpts not used on the LP.

steve barsotti, 2023.11
patrick 2024, framework:afield

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