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this edition of framework:afield is entitled sound bath sessions, and has been produced in hong kong by terence lloren. for more information see producer’s notes:

Sound Bath Sessions is a sound documentary project offering exclusive live recordings of sound bath practitioners in Asia. Started in 2023 in Hong Kong, the project has recorded 40 practitioners and over 100 sound baths. Future plans to expand this project model to other cities in Asia are currently underway.

The beginnings of this project can be traced back to the summer of 2022 where I met Paul Yip, a sound bath practitioner and experimental sound artist, at an experimental performance. When he mentioned sound baths I was immediately interested because I had been looking for ways to connect field recording with wellness. While researching what local practitioners were offering, I found that there were no audio recordings of local sound baths in Hong Kong. I found that the sound bath scene was fragmented with many people doing their own thing and no real sense of community. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make a project that could build a community and be a place where practitioners could be represented and connected to interested listeners and venues.

For my own motivation and interest, this project needed to connect with my passion of field recording and experimental sound art/ performance art.

The main concept behind my field recordings is that they define a real place and time with sound. In Sound Bath Sessions, I preserve the native sounds that happen beyond the space that contribute to the identity of its location such as: language, building sounds, transportation sounds, and nature. These elements are kept in balance with the sound baths with a few exceptions when the environmental sound becomes too distracting.

I consider sound baths a form of sound art and are not unlike your typical experimental music performance. Practitioners use objects as an extension of their emotions and explore with improvisation. Contrastingly, on a deeper level, sound baths are a communication of their own belief in the healing properties or ancient dogmas of the craft. Through the course of this project, I have come to realize that it is not about the spectacle of performance that is the focus- which is largely limited by our conscious thought and awareness- it is that one can reveal a whole new world of experience when listening in a subconscious mind state. On top of this, sound baths are performed to benefit our mental health and wellbeing which is not usually the focus of most forms of sound art.

I, too, was initially intimidated with the esoteric meaning and hippy dippy stereotype of sound baths. But the more I listened and recorded, the more similarities I found with my definition of field recording both as a recordist and listener. My listening has become more profound, the sessions amplifying the emotions I feel when field recording and inspiring new, deeper emotions all in the same experience. I hope you will enjoy these recordings as a spectator or meditator and follow me as I document more sound baths from distant lands.

I release a new sound bath every week on the Sound Bath Sessions Bandcamp page. Please subscribe to support.

Free and exclusive tracks are available on Insight Timer:

Finally, I feel that it is my responsibility to say that these recordings are not a replacement for the real thing. The analog vibrations of the instruments are much more powerful and effective when experienced live. There is a deep level of trust that you must give the practitioners as they guide you in your experience. Do not be afraid to release whatever you are holding on to. Leave behind any expectations you have. Please support your local sound bath scene and practitioners.

Thanks for listening.

terence lloren –

[time  /  artist  /  instrument  ]

00:00 – 01:20  /  framework:afield intro

01:20 – 06:32  /  grace chen  / lyre, chimes

06:32 – 11:29  /  giorgio  / ocean drum

11:29 – 14:57  /  giorgio  / metal singing bowls

14:57 – 19:20  /  helen kwok  / shamanic drum

19:20 – 25:03  /  queena chan & yumi taga  / shamanic drum, gong

25:03 – 28:45  /  candace cheung  / crystal singing bowl

28:45 – 33:28  /  michelle chow  / tuning forks

33:28 – 38:50  /  elka ho  / metal singing bowls

38:50 – 44:10  /  emma cheung & vicky chan  / metal singing bowls, rain stick

44:10 – 49:04  /  kaman yip  / monochord, crystal and metal singing

49:04 – 53:14  /  giorgio  / metal singing bowls

53:14 – 58:20  /  grace chen  / lyre, chimes

58:20 – 59:00  /  framework:afield outro

patrick 2024, framework:afield

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