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this is a special edition dedicated to a close listen to our latest issue of framework:seasonal, issue #15, autumn 2023. we are very excited about this issue, featuring new amazing works by four great artists, all of whom have been consistent contributors to the program, but are appearing on a framework editions release for the first time: leslie keffer (usa), standard grey (canada/japan), alexandra spence (australia), and post doom romance (usa). this wraps up a year in which we managed to release four new issues, each featuring great new works by new artists to the imprint. we love every single issue we’ve released, and this latest one is a perfect way to wrap up the year. you can hear all four tracks (mixed with one another and with recent contributions to the aporee soundmaps – including one by yours truly) in this edition of the show, or in our voiceover-free mix on patreon (for patrons only), or streamed individually from the release’s bandcamp page. and if you like it, maybe you’d consider helping to keep us on the air by purchasing a copy! or if you sign up as a patron at the sponsor level or higher, you’ll get this, and every subsequent issue we release, automatically! so many ways to support the program!

we’ve got two more shows for you before we wrap up our 2023 broadcasting and take our annual summer break: the final edition of framework:afield is coming up next week, and is the final installment of the amazonia revisited series we’ve been working our way through this year, this last one by dave philips, and the week after we’ll have our final regular edition of the year, until we return with edition #872 on january 14th.

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 03:15  /  leslie keffer  /  framework introduction, recorded in the united states

02:00 – 09:21  /  oliver shaer  /  november rain  /  bremgarten bei bern, ch  /  aporee soundmaps

03:32 – 22:41  /  leslie keffer  /  amphibian  /  framework:seasonal #15, autumn 2023  /  framework editions

14:20 – 24:20  /  murmer  /  cider fermenting  /  metsküla, ee  /  aporee soundmaps

15:41 – 33:05  /  standard grey  /  souris  /  framework:seasonal #15, autumn 2023  /  framework editions

29:18 – 43:40  /  alexandra spence  /  a song  /  framework:seasonal #15, autumn 2023  /  framework editions

38:05 – 58:49  /  post doom romance  /  being  /  framework:seasonal #15, autumn 2023  /  framework editions

38:23 – 44:15  /  planktone  /  abandoned shipyard  /  temse, be  /  aporee soundmaps

49:15 – 56:32  /  ian-john hutchinson  /  solitude  /  fengihu, tw  /  aporee soundmaps

57:09 – 59:00  /  decodedsilence  /  under railway bridge VLF  /  st petersburg, ru  /  aporee soundmaps

patrick 2023, framework:seasonal, regular edition

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