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two more shows for you in 2023 – this one and one more regualr edition next week to close of the season before we take our annual winter break. this edition or framework:afield is the last in a series of four entitled amazonia revisited, airing over the second half of 2023. this episode has been produced by dave phillips and is entitled solos/amazon mutations. for more info see producer’s notes:

These radio programs emerged as the fruit of the creative residency that brought together four sound artists – Thelmo Cristovam (BR), EdBrass (BR), Rodrigo Ramos (BR) and Dave Phillips (Switzerland), from the sound material captured in 2006 by Thelmo Cristovam and in 2011 by Dave Phillips, both in the Amazon rainforest. The sound records of 2006, digitized and restored in the first phase of this project by Thelmo Cristovam, now resurface revisited and reimagined in the creation of the pieces in this series.

Program 4: Solos and Amazon Mutations – by Dave Phillips

Since this project is based on collaboration, for the first part I asked each collaborator for a solo piece of 6 minutes and 45 seconds, with all the sounds coming from field recordings.

For the second part I refer to my idea of “mutations”. Basically this idea would like to reduce humans to the size of insects, so that we can hear their world as they hear it. Unfortunately this is impossible… these “mutations” use field recordings of non-human origin, decelerated/stretched in time and/or launched by 50 to 198%. decelerated field recordings play with time-space dimensions. Related to the size of the creatures recorded, this game arises: “how would I hear insects if I were an insect?” this quickly expands to “how would I hear/perceive the world if I were an insect (amphibian, avian etc.)?”. time-space plays with relationships and perceptions of size, speed, frequency, light, sound etc. perception changes through immersion – being part of something….

I then asked my collaborators for sounds that relate to trance states, to altered levels of consciousness.

The second piece also addresses the old discussion of “do animals have culture?” To explain animal sounds primarily as territorial or to attract a sexual partner – is limited, condescending and quite anthropocentric – it is the same hierarchical thinking that leads to patriarchy, heteronormativity or racism. In return, human exceptionalism is addressed, which the latest science increasingly confirms is a myth.

These two plays celebrate the high level of animal consciousness and culture.

Dave Phillips: Audio de/construction, composition, sonic rituals, psycho-acoustics and performance. Uses voice, body, field recordings and electronics. DP has been sonically active for over 33 years, has appeared on over 250 releases, and has played over 700 concerts in over 50 countries.

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