framework:seasonal issue #11, spring 2020

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our first regular edition from inside the quarantine – this week we featured a handful of recordings from the aporee soundmaps documenting the unusual reality we are all now living in, from a sonic perspective. giuseppe gavazza has been documenting the soundscapes during the lockdown in a series of recordings made in turin in northern italy. here we listen to recordings from his terrace, in this usually busy city, at sunrise (at the top of the show) and sunset (at the bottom). also, the calm of one of brussels’ usually busy tourist destinations by flavien gillié. we’ll keep our eyes on the maps for more recordings of interest to our current situation, and continue featuring them in the show.

also this week, we released the latest edition of our framework:seasonal series of fundraising compilations – #11, spring 2020 edition, out first to go fully digital. it made it’s appearance on friday, the spring equinox, and features new works by four amazing artists: jilliene sellner, sabri meddeb, gaël segalen, and mike bullock, all contributing to framework editions for the first time. you can find and listen to this release here, or better yet, show your support for framework radio and order yourself a copy. two of the tracks (jilliene’s and mike’s) are also being made available by the artists in special 4-track surround versions, so if you’ve bought a copy and would like to hear those, get in touch and we’ll get them to you (outside of bandcamp, which can’t support the 4-channel recordings). in this edition we listened to the first two tracks (jilliene and sabri); we’ll listen to the second two in edition #708.

along with all this we heard great new works by michael northam, camilla pisani, stephen shiell, and monika pich. links to all these releases (where available) can be found below – please support these (and all your favorite artists) in these tricky times, and go and buy their releases if you can!

[time / artist / track / release / label]

00:00 – 03:54  /  justin lazar  /  framework introduction, recorded in the u.s.

01:33 – 13:42  /  giuseppe gavazza  /  terrace at sunrise in the time of COVID19  /  turin, it  /  aporee soundmaps

05:00 – 10:39  /  michael northam  /  the many facets  /  the sublimating mirror  /  [self-released]

07:11 – 20:45  /  jilliene sellner  /  crush after use  / framework:seasonal, issue #11  /  framework editions

14:55 – 26:44  /  stephen shiell  /  crummock  /  kyem  /  industrial coast

18:10 – 24:34  /  camilla pisani  /  no land frequencies  /  frozen archimia  /  midira

20:34 – 30:01  /  monika pich  /  ins and outs  /  DAF struttura doc  /  –

26:24 – 33:47  /  flavien gillié  /  city ambience during coronavirus  /  brussels, be /  aporee soundmaps

30:12 – 39:32  /  michael northam  /  the first month of the shortest interval of time  /  the sublimating mirror  /  [self-released]

31:44 – 42:51  /  stephen shiell  /  vojak  /  kyem  /  industrial coast

35:24 – 49:14  /  sabri meddeb  /  into division  /  framework:seasonal, issue #11  /  framework editions

43:18 – 53:48  /  monika pich  /  odds and ends  /  DAF struttura doc  /  –

48:23 – 56:01  /  michael northam  /  temple dust  /  the sublimating mirror  /  [self-released]

48:54 – 59:00  /  giuseppe gavazza  /  terrace at sunset in the time of COVID19  /  turin, it  /  aporee soundmaps

51:28 – 57:31  /  camilla pisani  /  like lying shadows  /  frozen archimia  /  midira

patrick 2020, regular edition

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