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these are strange times, and none of us around the world really knows what the next few weeks/months will bring. but this is a time when these digital communities we have built over these last couple of decades really become valuable. and as many of us will all have lots of time at home in the near term, hopefully framework‘s archives of over 700 hours of sounds from around the world can be of some comfort to our ears. this week, for example, while none of us can travel there, we can explore the beira serra region of portugal nonetheless. so now more than ever, open your ears and listen!

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in portugal by regular contributor luís antero. for more information see his website at producer’s notes:

Sound is an element of passion. Throughout this artistic journey, there were many recordings, collaborations and sound works. So I continue. The passion for the sound thing remains unchanged. Picking up the recorder and microphones, leaving home in search of poetry of sounds became a key element of survival.

Throughout these years of work, the soundscape in the area I live in has been altered, either by social changes or by those operated in and by nature. The sound in constant dynamics, in constant travel.

The selection I present in this edition of the framework: afield is nothing more than a tinkling of sound life, of an always unfinished journey through the wonderful sound world. In it we can hear strange dialects of men hardened by work life around the stones, masons of body and soul, who now lend their wisdom to a larger dimension, because national, around a candidacy around popular culture; the shepherds and their sheep, giving the milk necessary for survival and making a cheese larger than life, also with echoes far beyond this Beira Serra and this country; a forest in the city, where the sounds of geophony echo in the social sounds, because it has always been and will be, without divisions or ties; a popular song that elevates us to something bigger than us, through the voice of a lady with life and hard work in her age; collaboration with other artists, promoting the always unfinished desire to learn and create.

Have a good listening.

Thanks Patrick for another sound opportunity.

luís antero 2020.03

[time / artist / track / release / label]

01:20 – 13:14 / Luís Antero / Arguinas / – / –
13:14 – 18:55 / Luís Antero / Pastagens Sonoras 3 / – / –
18:46 – 25:31 / Luís Antero / Choupal (Coimbra) / – / –
25:31 – 28:16 / Luís Antero / Nossa Senhora das Preces (cancioneiro popular de Alvoco Várzeas) / – / –
28:16 – 32:23 / Zhang JW / Stall Remix (Stall by Luís Antero & Marcus Kurten, 2009) / – / bypass
32:23 – 58:20 / Luís Antero & Darius Ciuta / Antip [excerpt] / – / MiMi

patrick 2020, framework:afield

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