alan courtis, pucallpa field recording (peruvian amazonia), framework editions 2018

first, a first step towards rectifying something – amongst the rewards offered to our patreon subscribers (if you’re not aware, go and have a look: are occasional on-air shouts out to patrons of qualifying tiers. we only have one qualifying patron (maybe YOU would like to be another???) and we consistently forget to include their shout out in the regular editions. we spotted our mistake, apologised directly, and then forgot to do it again in this edition #659. so in lieu of an on-air shout out, we’re giving them one in-print:

we are very grateful for the continuing support of kultbox, without whose patronage the production of framework would be all the more difficult. we can’t do it without our listeners, and we are very grateful for the continued support of this one in particular. have a look here for more information on their ongoing auditory projects:

this week we listened to the last of the 3 tracks on our latest framework:seasonal release, this one, by alan courtis, a longform unedited field recording from the peruvian amazon rainforest. if you like to sound of it, you can listen to it on it’s own, or along with the rest of the release, here:

and if you really like it, you can show your support for framework radio by picking up a copy, physical or digital, for a minimum donation of 20€ or 10€, respectively. or if you sign up for the appropriate patreon tier, you’ll receive a copy of this and all subsequent releases as and when they become available.

along with alan’s track we heard great sounds from joão castro pinto, geneva skeen (her first appearance on our airwaves), unreleased new works from viv corringham, sounds from the aporee maps, and a framework introduction described as a ‘shouty kid on top of mt. ikoma, nara, japan’ by regular contributor christopher olson.

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 04:36  /  christopher olson   /  framework introduction, recorded in japan

02:25 – 08:25  /  udo noll  /  night ambience with cricket and train  / rathen, de  /  aporee soundmaps

06:13 – 18:28  /  joão castro pinto  /  [tracks 4-6]  /  suntria – imaginal sonotopes  /  unfathomless,

12:16 – 19:54  /  geneva skeen  /  the sonorous house  /  a parallel array of horses  /  room40,

16:58 – 25:06  /  viv corringham  /  2000 nameless amas  /  –  /  –

22:46 – 24:29  /  –  /  stone quarry  /  kinshasa, cd  /  aporee soundmaps

24:04 – 48:14  /  alan courtis /  pucallpa field recording (peruvian amazonia)  /  framework:seasonal #10, autumn 2018  /  framework editions

35:58 – 39:23  /  andrzej maciejewski  /  raindrops falling into basin /  kalangala, ug  /  aporee soundmaps

38:18 – 54:54  /  joão castro pinto  /  [tracks 10-12]  /  suntria – imaginal sonotopes  /  unfathomless,

46:05 – 54:23  /  geneva skeen  /  los angeles without palm trees  /  a parallel array of horses  /  room40,

49:27 – 58:23  /  viv corringham  /  walking in kyushu, japan  /  –  /  –

57:00 – 59:00  /  –  /  boneyard beach (bull island)  /  awendaw, sc, us  /  aporee soundmaps

patrick 2018, framework:seasonal, regular edition

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